Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 245 How fast did the weight come off? / Weight loss talk 01:37:42
PKA 268 Possible live PKA episode, Prank call ideas 03:19:20
PKA 452 How your genitals can play an important role in your swimming performance 00:23:24
PKA 509 Ad reads: GOAT & SmartMouth 02:05:33
PKA 521 Driftor’s futuristic cyber bed, used mattresses & Belle Delphine’s used bedroom toys 01:57:50
PKA 526 Destiny’s previous PKA appearance & why the Game of Thrones/Lost endings sucked 00:00:08
PKA 621 Kyle and Taylor recommend Netflix’s “Cabinet of Curiosities” series 03:55:20
PKA 629 Is it ok to attend AA meetings and still get high as a kite? 00:15:52
PKA 630 PKA reacts to the greatest professional dart sequence of ALL time 00:45:47