Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 246 The B.O. is so bad 01:23:10
PKA 270 Taylor killed a man in Canada (good moment) 01:18:39
PKA 357 Patreon Question: Are the Hosts excited for Game of Thrones spinoffs? 03:34:49
PKA 377 What’s new with Kweb? (He’s Developing games!) 00:00:22
PKA 418 What’s the most intimate moment the guys have had with other guys? 03:02:19
PKA 456 Would Harley be open to an open relationship? What if she was a woman of the night? 01:22:35
PKA 475 ONLYUSEmeBLADE’s gross toe update - Can grilled chicken remedy this? 02:18:17
PKA 484 TV show talk: Curb Your Enthusiasm & celebrities who get plastic surgery/steroids 03:56:30
PKA 571 Knots, pepsi projectile launchers & FPSRussia’s DIY napalm video 01:06:45
PKA 647 If the PKA guys got into YouTuber boxing, who would they box? 01:08:13