Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 246 The B.O. is so bad 01:23:10
PKA 290 Politics Talk: 2nd Amendment 03:31:47
PKA 347 Old people stench & embarrassing childhood incidents 02:59:35
PKA 404 Video: Two people rob a store after owner passes out in front of them 03:15:50
PKA 439 Is being unfaithful in a relationship always a bad thing? (Bonus hot girl research) 01:50:20
PKA 452 The new trend of hard seltzers: Whiteclaws vs Four Loko seltzer 03:00:13
PKA 460 Kyle reveals the secret prison blade locations & why there were no vending machines 02:14:08
PKA 671 Woody’s experience of drunk axe throwing & owning 11 year olds in laser tag 01:07:06
PKA 687 Woody becomes a sorcerer as he uses a lighter to control his PC monitor 01:57:36
PKA 695 Australia’s HUGE cattle farms, fossil fuels, dinosaurs & the raunchy side of Twitter 01:36:10