Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 256 Kyle sent capture cards to people 03:32:00
PKA 313 Where Kyle Films/ His Certifications 01:52:43
PKA 396 Woody wants Wings merchandise, Kyle talks him out of it 01:34:39
PKA 416 How would the guys do in a hypothetical apocalyptic world? 00:36:39
PKA 551 What’s happening with the PKA Lock and Load supplement? 00:26:41
PKA 537 How to work out safely by yourself and Harley’s OCD tendencies 00:23:09
PKA 593 Taylor’s new 3-monitor setup & Woody’s unorthodox return to streaming 03:46:47
PKA 649 SHOCKING NBA sweep statistics & iconic baseball comebacks 03:47:07
PKA 659 Adjusting to Colorado altitude & the upcoming blue SUPER moon 00:55:18
PKA 686 Why Obama was a big nerdy President and Donald Trump is the Messiah 00:23:19