Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 226 Jay’s gun laws and shooting & gun talk 01:51:45
PKA 244 Should the govt. raise the age for Social Security? 02:16:29
PKA 261 Would you rather your son smoke weed or do steroids? 03:57:00
PKA 262 Motion Picture Association of America film rating system 01:37:28
PKA 270 Woody’s learning experience with tweezers 04:08:02
PKA 325 Squarespace ad read 02:00:05
PKA 431 Trash talk: Taylor’s MacGyver cardboard disposal & Taco Bell leeching & more 00:10:17
PKA 456 Pete and Woody’s experiences with donating specimen samples 00:25:20
PKA 520 Taylor’s incredibly poor eyesight & the time he spent a year in the “slow” class 03:33:52
PKA 614 Why the “Police Activity” page is Kyle’s favorite Channel on YouTube 01:57:16