PKA 400

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 400 What’s new with Tucker? How’s his fitness pursuit going? 00:00:35
PKA 400 Obese men, forklifts and people getting electrocuted 00:01:42
PKA 400 Woody’s train-jumping days in New Jersey 00:06:30
PKA 400 Taylor’s failed road hill stunts & the world’s fastest men 00:09:31
PKA 400 Man vs kangaroo; who wins? How exactly could a human take out a roo? 00:13:15
PKA 400 Kyle’s zoo of pain & the history of the internet 00:19:46
PKA 400 Taylor’s resentment of Kimmy the chimp & inflicting pain upon animals 00:23:33
PKA 400 Kyle’s tenuous relationship with his dog Dak 00:29:16
PKA 400 Goats are pricks, eating goats and Woody’s parkour days in his youth 00:32:48
PKA 400 What was the most delinquent thing Tucker did while at school? 00:37:12
PKA 400 The vampire of Sacramento who only goes after those who don’t lock doors 00:41:40
PKA 400 True Blood (TV show) and naughty vampires 00:43:44
PKA 400 Video: Wings’ tears make for good EDM beats & general Wings talk 00:53:38
PKA 400 Video: PKA reacts to Liquid Richard song & more Wings weight loss talk 00:58:41
PKA 400 Booty padding, Herman Miller chairs & sex towels 01:06:13
PKA 400 8 Indian men get naughty with a pregnant 7 year old goat 01:11:02
PKA 400 Video: The Seattle sky king (Airline mechanic steals plane and does stunts) 01:17:38
PKA 400 Taylor’s bible story: The tale of Samson 01:34:50
PKA 400 Living an offline life and Amish people getting a taste of modern culture 01:59:21
PKA 400 New York University offers free tuition to all medical students 02:02:30
PKA 400 Politician tells people not to vote for Asian candidate “Ching Chong” 02:06:50
PKA 400 Woman with self-inflicted gunshot wound receives face transplant 02:09:24
PKA 400 Kyle wouldn’t want to live if he were blind and/or deaf 02:18:49
PKA 400 Which of the 5 senses would the guys be most willing to lose? 02:25:29
PKA 400 Tucker dated a girl with no pinky finger 02:31:58
PKA 400 Taylor’s brothers awful dental hygiene & Jackie is getting veneers 02:36:20
PKA 400 The hosts’ experiences with quality-of-life improving medical processes 02:40:47
PKA 400 Woody falling asleep during movies, sleeping in public & bad sleep schedules 02:43:20
PKA 400 Video: Kid with prosthetic legs fights regular legs guy, who wins? 02:55:05
PKA 400 Anime talk: Megalo Box, One Punch Man’s superpowers & getting into anime 03:00:07
PKA 400 TV show talk: Bojack Horseman, Letterkenny & more 03:07:18
PKA 400 Video: Letterkenny clip - Squirrely Dan’s relationship 03:11:54
PKA 400 Breaking Bad talk: Rewatching episodes, Walt’s character development & more 03:17:37
PKA 400 The State of New Mexico is awful & US Government-owned land 03:31:38
PKA 400 Is the term Jew offensive? And the different type of Jewish sects 03:39:43
PKA 400 Reading the bible & different sects of Christianity 03:44:14
PKA 400 Scientology talk: Tax exemptions, Tom Cruise’s involvement & more 03:47:30
PKA 400 Tom Cruise’s filmography: Collateral, Tropic Thunder & Mission Impossible 03:53:35
PKA 400 Ad Reads: Hims & Monster Espresso 03:59:00