PKA 401

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 401 Kyle introduces Arian Foster & his career diversity 00:01:00
PKA 401 Arians Podcast (Now What?), working with Terry Crews 00:03:01
PKA 401 NFL Culture & Cheerleaders purpose in NFL 00:07:12
PKA 401 Male Cheerleaders in NFL & bench pressing a woman 00:13:00
PKA 401 Hair restoration talk: Black people’s hair restoration,hair restoration surgeries 00:16:04
PKA 401 Is Woody going to get cosmetic surgery? 00:25:00
PKA 401 Would the hosts get breast implants? 00:28:50
PKA 401 Arian on white people conversation 00:36:30
PKA 401 White churches VS Black churches 00:39:47
PKA 401 Woody calls his father, declines to be on podcast 00:48:56
PKA 401 Would you go to religion on your deathbed? 00:50:15
PKA 401 Arian had a panic attack, thought he would die 00:51:52
PKA 401 Kyle’s bully story, having panic attacks 00:55:40
PKA 401 Woody’s wet his bed at 28 00:59:27
PKA 401 PKA gives relationship advice to viewer: Finding yourself, take a break from relationship 01:06:58
PKA 401 Is Hope in ANTIFA?, Confederate statue toppled at UNC 01:13:58
PKA 401 Pedophile talk: Ted Talk on pedophilia, should we accept pedophiles in society? 01:20:21
PKA 401 Castration talk: Alan Turing chemical castration, farm tools and animal cruelty 01:36:33
PKA 401 Video: Woman gets slapped after spitting on man 01:39:45
PKA 401 Woody retells his girl slapping story 01:42:48
PKA 401 Video: Woman stomping grapes falls 01:50:10
PKA 401 Arians first time snowboarding, falling and sports injuries 01:53:41
PKA 401 Video: Security guard farts at work (Paul Flart), fired after video goes viral , 02:03:51
PKA 401 Video: PKA Ho of the week (Woman invites dozens of men to Tinder date) 02:11:57
PKA 401 Arian catfish story, Jeff the Drunk from Howard Stern catfish 02:20:48
PKA 401 Difference from real life Arian to podcast Arian 02:26:19
PKA 401 Arian regrets his marriage, Church of Kyle 02:32:33
PKA 401 Religion talk: Positives of Church, mistreatment of women in religion 02:37:54
PKA 401 Asia Argento sexual assault with 17 year old 02:51:51
PKA 401 Why is 18 the consent age?, Right VS Wrong in other cultures and PC culture 02:58:20
PKA 401 What age do you want to retire? 03:17:20
PKA 401 TV Talk: Letterkenny, NYPD Blue, HBO vs Netflix 03:26:17
PKA 401 Video: Punch-Drunk Love Fight scene 03:33:09
PKA 401 Video: Reign Over Me Sad scene 03:36:45
PKA 401 Star Trek & The Expanse talk 03:40:17
PKA 401 Video: Woman with awful ass implants 03:47:30
PKA 401 Raspberry lemonade origin (Beaver anal glands) 03:50:19
PKA 401 Taylor bought a scam soda 03:55:52
PKA 401 What custom Real Doll should Kyle get? 03:57:42
PKA 401 Patreon AMA’s: Do you ever watch old PKA’s? 04:04:02
PKA 401 Video: Wings’ response to Arian’s support of him 04:06:11
PKA 401 Taylor calls it a show, Arian shouts out podcast (Now What?), 04:11:09