PKA 416

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 416 Masterson’s new card game “Winners Drink” 00:04:47
PKA 416 Woody’s financial expertise & how he knew the Bitcoin trend would fade away 00:08:01
PKA 416 Taylor is one step closer to securing his first ever house! (House buying talk) 00:16:41
PKA 416 Kyle’s famous friends with an extremely elaborate anti-intruder systems 00:23:43
PKA 416 How would the guys do in a hypothetical apocalyptic world? 00:36:39
PKA 416 Childhood stories; magazine fleshlights, inverted nipples, shower pranks & more 00:39:51
PKA 416 Kyle & Masterson’s experience of strip clubs and burlesque shows 00:57:12
PKA 416 Woody’s experience of seeing Hamilton & Kyle’s seeing Mary Poppins live 01:06:17
PKA 416 Politics talk: North Carolina rigged voting & should there be voter IDs in the US? 01:15:14
PKA 416 Ad reads: GOAT & Stitch Fix 01:23:13
PKA 416 Taylor’s Middle Eastern cream soda 01:27:12
PKA 416 PKA reacts to Pathetic Meal Time, a show made by PKA fan Anthony 01:29:33
PKA 416 FPSRussia antics at a liquor store & Kyle’s current drinking preferences 01:42:32
PKA 416 Woody shows Pathetic Meal Time’s sad gaming chair 01:54:34
PKA 416 PKA watches a series of videos where urban girls brawl 01:56:51
PKA 416 UFC talk: Holloway, Jedrzejczyk and more this weekend at 231 02:08:11
PKA 416 Video: Another girl gets ran over by a car 02:15:02
PKA 416 Return to UFC talk 02:18:22
PKA 416 Video: Brett Favre get trolled into saying some pretty horribly funny stuff 02:21:56
PKA 416 Taylor outfitting his gym with Vietnam images & China stealing kids 02:31:39
PKA 416 If the guys could be the Dictator of one Country, which one would they choose? 02:36:09
PKA 416 Ad reads: MVMT & Quip 02:41:14
PKA 416 What wildly inappropriate thing could PKA get a celebrity to say? 02:47:27
PKA 416 What’s new with Masterson? (Lolsuit updates) 02:49:11
PKA 416 Taylor went on Masterson’s show and ranted about pumpkin patches 02:59:31
PKA 416 The hassle of decorating the Woodworth Mansion for Christmas 03:04:12
PKA 416 How the guys deal with heavy drinking and cope with the aftermath 03:09:43
PKA 416 Movie talk: The Predator sucked and has a stupid plot 03:13:20
PKA 416 TV show talk: Designated Survivor Season 2 sucks (video included) 03:18:56
PKA 416 Boomer TV vs Millennial TV and paying for adult movies 03:26:50
PKA 416 Taylor’s grandparents; one embraces new culture, the other hates it 03:36:17
PKA 416 Taylor, Woody & Masterson’s home gym set ups (fitness talk) 03:38:54
PKA 416 Would a girl enjoy being pleasured by soft hands or coarse hands? 03:45:24
PKA 416 Kyle’s lavish skin care routine & Taylor/Kyle’s cold sores 03:49:53
PKA 416 Why parades and riots suck 03:59:02
PKA 416 Return to cold sore talk: Woody & Masterson’s new found paranoia 04:01:52
PKA 416 PKA’s thoughts on the Autoblow 2, Woody calls it a show 04:04:02