PKA 422

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 422 PKA’s penis pill sponsor & Woody’s above-average erection 00:00:55
PKA 422 Anthony Cumia joins the show, sharing his love for CoD: Blackout 00:07:22
PKA 422 Toxic Rust gamers & incompetent police officers 00:11:54
PKA 422 Why Friends (TV show) sucks & Band of Brothers talk 00:14:43
PKA 422 Oldschool tube TVs, radioactive watches & drilling holes in skulls 00:20:56
PKA 422 Unsanitary medical practices & misogyny in the 19th century 00:26:09
PKA 422 Videos: 2 instances of black women getting run over by cars 00:29:22
PKA 422 Should videos be filmed in landscape or portrait? 00:34:33
PKA 422 Video: Man gets harassed by a gang of girls, he delivers a one-punch KO 00:36:51
PKA 422 Video: Man gets hit by ice cream truck while doing the intersection hussle 00:44:15
PKA 422 YouTube is now banning videos like the “immolation challenge” 00:46:02
PKA 422 Opie & Anthony’s controversial immigration skit (general O&A talk) 00:49:43
PKA 422 Howard Stern talk & Kyle’s dislike for Robin Quivers 00:52:35
PKA 422 Ad reads: SmartMouth & GOAT 01:01:01
PKA 422 Chris Hansen has been caught by police… for writing bad checks 01:04:07
PKA 422 Peeping Tom tries to rub one out to teen daughter of an NFL running back.. 01:16:16
PKA 422 Taylor discovers a Subreddit of people who get turned on by ankle breaks 01:22:13
PKA 422 Video: Girl breaks her ankle after failed gymnastics move 01:25:03
PKA 422 What are the weirdest turn ons? (Leg casts, furries & more) 01:25:55
PKA 422 TV show talk: Game of Thrones (brief), The Sopranos (long) & more 01:30:53
PKA 422 Netflix talk: Oversaturation of content, mail services & stock trading 01:42:35
PKA 422 Ad reads: TheZebra & Capterra 01:50:16
PKA 422 Kyle is pretty drunk on vodka right now 01:55:54
PKA 422 Politics talk: Will Trump be barred from the State of the Union? 01:57:53
PKA 422 Anthony shows off his girl playing CoD below him & his recent gaming interests 02:02:04
PKA 422 Rust talk: Server Admins have betrayed Kyle, now onto the next Server! 02:05:00
PKA 422 The Walking Dead talk: Terrible plot, terrible VFX and terrible everything 02:10:57
PKA 422 Is Family Guy getting too PC/PG? Is American Dad better? 02:18:45
PKA 422 Anthony thanks the guys, pimps his book & leaves the show 02:22:22
PKA 422 Ad reads: ExpressVPN & Manscaped 02:24:59
PKA 422 Can you make vodka out of grapes? And butt-chugging Tito’s vodka 02:28:44
PKA 422 Politics talk: SJW culture, Emperor Trump & the hamburger buffet 02:32:10
PKA 422 Taylor decides what Kyle gets from Postmates 02:34:45
PKA 422 Gillette's controversial “Toxic Masculinity” ad & Nike’s Kaepernick campaign 02:35:41
PKA 422 How do the guys describe what PKA is to a non-viewer? 02:46:50
PKA 422 The Klan & Hitler are douchebags for making cool names/designs a no-go 02:50:41
PKA 422 Taylor narrates a reddit post of a poop-hungry wife, PKA reacts/gives advice 02:54:05
PKA 422 Would Kyle date someone into poop? (Hilarious monologue) 03:03:37
PKA 422 Is being forced to be a prison drag queen better than the poop stuff? 03:08:02
PKA 422 Bam Margera’s weight loss, permanent rings & Jackass’ secret nonce 03:12:27
PKA 422 Wings talk: Liquid Richard’s $17, unbanned from Twitch & weight loss 03:15:15
PKA 422 Marathon runner stops mid-race to poop & UFC emergency poops 03:18:28
PKA 422 UFC talk: Champions losing their belts, dream matches & more 03:25:00
PKA 422 Taylor finally watched Infinity War, what did he think? (spoilers, duh) 03:33:10
PKA 422 What other Superhero movies should Taylor watch? 03:44:35
PKA 422 Gaming talk: Woody playing Vermintide with sassy English folk 03:51:37
PKA 422 More Wings talk: Kyle shares an unflattering topless pic & weight loss talk 03:54:23
PKA 422 More alcohol talk: Kyle’s vodka preferences & Woody’s lightweightness 03:56:50
PKA 422 Woody calls it a show 04:00:39