PKA 425

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 425 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trained jogger chokes out cougar after surprise attack 00:00:45
PKA 425 What is the largest sized carnivore the guys could take out? 00:02:33
PKA 425 Taylor’s animal facts #1: Female hyenas like to humiliate male hyenas by pegging 00:14:09
PKA 425 Taylor’s animal facts #2: Elephants like to enjoy some naughty alone time 00:17:10
PKA 425 What other animals think of humans & awesome extinct animals 00:18:13
PKA 425 Game of Thrones talk: Season 8 hype, GRRM’s laziness & more 00:20:42
PKA 425 Are Kesha & Miley Cyrus misunderstood or just trashy white girls? 00:25:17
PKA 425 Video: Teen girl tries to assault man, he’s not having it 00:32:54
PKA 425 Chaos in Virginia’s Democrat Governorship: Racism, bedroom misconduct & more 00:38:18
PKA 425 Video: Virginia’s disgraced Governor considers redeeming himself with a moonwalk 00:46:35
PKA 425 Liam Neeson is in hot water for admitting he once hated black people 00:50:15
PKA 425 Barbara Walters, Betty White, old senile people & WWII atrocities 00:53:06
PKA 425 Woody recently witnessed a pretty bad car accident 00:57:15
PKA 425 The time Kyle’s dad’s farm handyman got drunk on the job and had a seizure 01:03:46
PKA 425 Texas man passes away after e-cig combusts in his face 01:21:41
PKA 425 The National Enquirer tries to blackmail Jeff Bezos with leaked penis pics 01:24:48
PKA 425 Wings talk: Does his Mustang need to be recalled? 01:30:47
PKA 425 Truck talk: Kyle’s dad’s vehicles and their issues, Ford vs Chevrolet & more 01:36:29
PKA 425 Apex Legends talk: The new free-to-play Battle Royale that’s taken gaming by storm 01:41:22
PKA 425 Woody is babysitting a friend’s child, meaning Jackie is getting baby-fever again 01:46:46
PKA 425 Kyle’s complete aversion to having a child (bonus 1930s Germany talk) 01:49:08
PKA 425 Ad reads: Capterra & TheZebra 01:57:56
PKA 425 More truck talk: New fancy models, Wings’ situation & more 02:02:16
PKA 425 PKA fans have embraced alpha pooping 02:13:40
PKA 425 Howard Stern is a moron & why Kyle hates Robin Quivers 02:15:41
PKA 425 Artie Lange looks TERRIBLE for age 51 & more Howard Stern talk 02:27:20
PKA 425 Howard Stern’s wack packers & Bigfoot’s crazy adult experiences 02:36:41
PKA 425 Opie & Anthony’s escapades with drunk Lady Di (more wackpack talk) 02:40:51
PKA 425 Superbowl talk: The most boring Bowl ever, Tom Brady’s legacy & more 02:47:35
PKA 425 Hockey talk: Woody’s Flyers are flying & Taylor’s Blues blues 02:54:42
PKA 425 Politics talk: Trump’s State of the Union, fact checking, & draft dodging 02:56:25
PKA 425 What’s the cheapest thing you could get with a Military discount? 03:08:25
PKA 425 Can old people transfuse a young person’s blood to stay healthy? 03:09:47
PKA 425 Man passes away with $190 million worth of Bitcoin locked in a vault 03:15:11
PKA 425 Woody’s disinterest in Apple products & Apple vs Android phone talk 03:22:19
PKA 425 Taylor’s newfound interest in survival & Woody’s new interest in sewing 03:29:55
PKA 425 Kyle’s love of Gifrecipes & Taylor’s love of /r/Natureismetal 03:35:34
PKA 425 King of the Hill needs to return, if not PKA will make its own! 03:39:56
PKA 425 What’s taken Kyle so long to get his ABAY? 03:41:27
PKA 425 Zika-contaminated meth & Nancy Grace’s stupid stance on weed 03:43:15
PKA 425 The last time Kyle was seriously drunk & Kyle shares drunk FPSRussia stories 03:47:32
PKA 425 Kyle gives a Jeremy update and tells funny Jeremy stories 03:55:28
PKA 425 The time Woody’s jet ski friend stole parts from him and betrayed Woody 04:02:47