PKA 427

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 427 Swapping planes for trains, hiring the disabled & dodging ‘Nam 00:02:12
PKA 427 Actor Jussie Smollett fakes assault to get a pay rise, now facing jail time 00:11:35
PKA 427 How would the guys pull off a hate crime better than Jussie Smollett? 00:19:27
PKA 427 Video: Cop shoots black man in his garage who is also livestreaming the standoff 00:23:08
PKA 427 Kyle & Taylor’s new 75’ 4K TV purchases 00:32:39
PKA 427 Kyle’s enormous meat: 2.82 lbs bone-in rib eye steak 00:37:30
PKA 427 Big dog shirts & the time Taylor’s brother let a baby shark loose in the bathroom 00:41:56
PKA 427 Video: Twitch streamer gets shot by incompetent security guard 00:44:19
PKA 427 Mexican woman gets her head lopped off because husband won’t pay a ransom 00:51:38
PKA 427 Old politicians trying to come across as cool/hip & Baron Trump the giant 00:56:40
PKA 427 Politics talk: The 2020 Presidential race & legalising weed 01:00:40
PKA 427 Is Kyle’s love of vodka a bad thing? And alcohol talk 01:09:12
PKA 427 Ad reads: Casper & LendingClub 01:17:40
PKA 427 Wings talk: Has he actually lost a substantial amount of weight? 01:21:02
PKA 427 Why Kyle might get an easy ride in prison & the scary side of being locked up 01:30:58
PKA 427 Styling your hair with semen 01:38:13
PKA 427 Game of Thrones talk: Season 8 is upon us! Leaks, theories & more 01:39:32
PKA 427 Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series & nerdy LoTR lore talk 01:44:07
PKA 427 Henrietta’s botched demise on the PKA Survival trip & Kyle’s hunting experience 01:53:51
PKA 427 Woody’s issues with Apex: Legends 02:06:04
PKA 427 Ad reads: MeUndies & Chegg 02:09:50
PKA 427 PKA investigates a subreddit of people trying to eat themselves until they pass away 02:12:39
PKA 427 TV Show talk: Fortitude, Mindhunter & Supernatural 02:23:58
PKA 427 Video: Wonderkid college basketballer sprains knee after his shoes collapse on him 02:39:03
PKA 427 UFC talk: Lung injuries, 235’s stacked card, Jon Jones & more 02:44:45
PKA 427 Shady UFC streams and the benefits of purchasing digital content legally 02:50:17
PKA 427 Return to fat people talk & the colossal size of blue whales 02:52:30
PKA 427 High school gives awards for best chests & butts 02:56:24
PKA 427 Kyle saw a woman with such beautiful breasts that he almost got into crossfit 02:59:00
PKA 427 Return to the High school objectification awards & breast reduction surgeries 03:02:44
PKA 427 Chael Sonnen’s hunger strike video, how long can your body go without food? 03:07:44
PKA 427 Unexpected bug attacks & Taylor’s fear of cicadas 03:13:00
PKA 427 Has Discord been an improvement over Skype for PKA? 03:17:35
PKA 427 Which guys would PKA give oral to in order to absorb their knowledge/abilities? 03:20:58
PKA 427 Assuming all religions are BS, are clergymen scam artists or just delusional? 03:33:14
PKA 427 Which religion lays claim to the best afterlife? 03:35:29
PKA 427 Taylor the Bible Scholar & Lord of the Rings professor 03:40:50
PKA 427 Dane Cook’s 22 year old girlfriend 03:43:22
PKA 427 Irish Patron gets caught with illicit substances by his mother. What should he do? 03:45:11
PKA 427 How YouTube has inadvertently allowed kiddy touchers to misuse their site 03:48:15
PKA 427 Woody’s magnificent beard & comedian talk 03:53:35
PKA 427 The AIDS epidemic and home testing for diseases 03:56:23
PKA 427 Andrew Yang (Presidential candidate)’s desire for Universal Basic Income 04:00:45
PKA 427 More Apex: Legends talk & Kyle’s Discord friend drama 04:04:03