PKA 445

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 445 Kyle has gotten food poisoning from a fishy fish sandwich! 00:00:14
PKA 445 Food talk: Asparagus pee and the best vegetables 00:07:42
PKA 445 Wings talk: Oldschool Jordie wanted $10 to walk a mile & giving up on weight loss 00:11:35
PKA 445 Do transgender women get fish skin surgically implanted into their new genitals? 00:18:56
PKA 445 Woody and Kyle’s bet on Wings’ pregnant sister & more fish skin surgery talk 00:21:54
PKA 445 Fake, non-magical dinosaurs and lousy movie details 00:24:36
PKA 445 Video: Streamer’s Bluetooth speaker erupts into flames next to him 00:26:18
PKA 445 The prevalence of vaping and weed dispensaries with creative flavours 00:29:03
PKA 445 More food talk: Fast food for stoners and the best cereals 00:33:56
PKA 445 Are astronauts making bank? And would the guys go into space? 00:39:04
PKA 445 Patreon AMA: What made the weird kid at the guys’ schools notably weird? 00:41:05
PKA 445 Coming out in high school and cocaine-coated cash 00:52:19
PKA 445 Kyle’s advice for public bathroom hygiene & ejaculating onto bedroom walls 00:55:24
PKA 445 More food talk: Kyle’s fancy (and wasteful) fries and more on his food sickness 01:00:16
PKA 445 UFC talk: MMA fighter of the year, 12-6 elbows, boxing elitism & much more 01:04:23
PKA 445 Gaming talk: PUBG’s skill gap, Rust, Codenames & Trivial Pursuit 01:22:05
PKA 445 Ad reads: Blowfish & Dave 01:31:40
PKA 445 Benjamin Franklin’s forgettable brother & The Patriot (movie) 01:34:13
PKA 445 British redcoats and Zulu (1964 movie) 01:38:53
PKA 445 Woody narrates a romance query from a fan and seeks advice from the panel 01:44:01
PKA 445 Which of the Presidential candidates are the most desirable? (Politics talk) 01:53:50
PKA 445 Brief return to Wings talk, plus Hitler & Michael J Fox’s Parkinsons 02:01:01
PKA 445 Video: Quebec man meets his demise after missing ramp jump with his RV 02:05:34
PKA 445 Video: Vegan activist almost chokes himself while protesting at a chicken farm 02:10:33
PKA 445 Wagyu beef cows getting TLC & Taylor’s animal house of horror (hilarious) 02:13:58
PKA 445 What does human meat look like? Woody attempts to find out 02:19:02
PKA 445 Florida city agrees to pay off hackers who compromised their security systems 02:21:57
PKA 445 Taylor becomes a Duke of the Principality of Sealand, 02:23:11
PKA 445 Patreon AMA: What sport would the guys chose to be professional in? 02:29:52
PKA 445 Movie talk: You were never really there, Joker & Marvel vs DC 02:32:52
PKA 445 PKA’s Cool Guy of the Week: Man who dresses in 18th/17th Century clothes 02:38:21
PKA 445 Genital-tailored pants, Woody’s cargo shorts and beach banana hammocks 02:50:26
PKA 445 Ad reads: Casper & BlueChew 02:54:07
PKA 445 Conor McGregor’s fondness for arousal during fight promotions 02:57:03
PKA 445 More UFC talk: Jon Jones looking ripped & the hype 239 Card 03:00:10
PKA 445 Video: Road rage incident featuring bats and sticks 03:05:10
PKA 445 Phony Uber driver arrested for kidnapping & caught with fake genitalia 03:08:21
PKA 445 Politics talk: Democrats with the most airtime during preliminary debates 03:12:09
PKA 445 The People vs OJ Simpson & deadnaming trans people 03:13:56
PKA 445 Return to Duke Taylor of Sealand and learning more about the Principality 03:16:36
PKA 445 Papua New Guinea’s UN attire & what if Woody went to Oktoberfest? 03:28:05
PKA 445 Taylor’s plans to buy an Alskan island populated with bears 03:30:20
PKA 445 Patreon AMA: If the guys woke up a different race, what would they do first? 03:35:04
PKA 445 The Dominican Republic’s escort service & if Jackie stopped providing for Woody 03:40:55
PKA 445 TV Show talk: Trailer Park Boys, Sopranos and Breaking Bad 03:42:45
PKA 445 How would the guys handle it if their partners were high stakes criminals? 03:52:53
PKA 445 Bernie Sanders meets Wings (Hilarious Taylor impersonation) & more politics talk 03:57:06
PKA 445 Trump the eternal vampire, senile Reagan & the Donald’s crazy Presidential antics 04:00:49
PKA 445 The outrageous cost of housing illegal immigrant children 04:06:06
PKA 445 Mitt Romney’s dubious 40% tax-evasion claims 04:09:39
PKA 445 Woody calls it a show, Kyle shows off his second fish sandwich 04:13:10