PKA 457

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 457 The guest fiasco due to Kyle’s absence & Tucker’s fancy workstation 00:00:11
PKA 457 After just getting his first pet, Taylor is now getting a second dog! 00:02:26
PKA 457 Dog talk: Awkward belly rubs, neutering & big dogs vs small dogs 00:08:17
PKA 457 Woody provides an update to a PKA fan struggling to pick up girls 00:18:42
PKA 457 The scale of wealth & what to do with an incalculable amount of money 00:29:58
PKA 457 Porsche vs Tesla in performance tests & ugly supercars 00:36:35
PKA 457 Getting crushed by your own truck & Tucker’s Mercedez vs Woody’s F150 00:45:59
PKA 457 More car talk: Taylor’s automotive cluelessness & fantastic internal features 00:52:50
PKA 457 Florida couple decides to get freaky in the back of a police car 00:58:20
PKA 457 Operation Varsity Blues & the double standards of bribing your way to College 01:07:43
PKA 457 The pharmaceutical family that started the current epidemic in America 01:15:25
PKA 457 Weed talk: Dependency, unique tools and the guys’ first experiences trying it 01:18:14
PKA 457 Tucker’s new vodka water company & the rise of Whiteclaw hard seltzers 01:33:20
PKA 457 The Popeyes chicken sandwich scandal and McRibs & McDonald’s Monopoly 01:37:59
PKA 457 Pepsi jets, the controversial Kylie Jenner commercial & soda marketing 01:41:30
PKA 457 The worst kind of candies & stack ranking the top candies/ice creams 01:46:01
PKA 457 The dark German secrets of the Moon landing & the future of space exploration 01:53:13
PKA 457 Breaking Olympic records on the Moon. the world’s strongest men & Brock Lesnar 01:57:28
PKA 457 Just how intelligent are various animals? Do any other animals reproduce for fun? 02:07:20
PKA 457 Woody narrates the story of a guy whose schizophrenic wife believe she is pregnant 02:20:50
PKA 457 Online societies that reinforce negative behaviours: Incels, LivestreamFails & more 02:31:21
PKA 457 Woody and Tucker talk Twitch streaming & Borderlands 3 [No heavy spoilers] 02:39:48
PKA 457 The influence of PKA fans on the social media of guests 02:45:10
PKA 457 PKA debates deplatforming and online censorship (the pros & cons) 02:48:16
PKA 457 Video: PKA reacts to a gentleman indiscreetly relieving himself on a plane 02:54:50
PKA 457 PKA guesses the most lethal animals by State & brief hunting talk 03:07:21
PKA 457 What does Coca-Cola taste like? And Coca-Cola vs Pepsi 03:13:48
PKA 457 The time Tucker’s one night stand enquired about his Casper matress 03:21:49
PKA 457 PKA’s default topics & when Joe Rogan interviews Joe Rogan 03:22:41
PKA 457 DMT, legal weed and other illicit substances 03:24:22
PKA 457 Why Vitamin D is nonsense , zinc supplements & increasing your load 03:35:57
PKA 457 Using facials for facials, selling your specimen online & blood type talk 03:43:01
PKA 457 Are the guys organ donors? Plus Tucker answers the trolley problem 03:51:20
PKA 457 Tucker thanks the guys & Woody calls it a show 04:01:58