PKA 460

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 460 Tucker’s drunken scooter ride that led to a nasty road rash injury 00:00:31
PKA 460 Bruce provides some insight into the ongoings of 20111 Machinima 00:08:19
PKA 460 How Tucker messed up a McDonald’s sponsorship live on Twitch 00:17:22
PKA 460 PKA’s sponsorship mishaps: Guess the predator & 100percent food 00:26:51
PKA 460 The reason Kyle gave for cancelling his BlueChew order before going to jail 00:31:59
PKA 460 Hypothetical erection scenarios and awkward high school/work erections 00:34:37
PKA 460 Just how much are governments listening to us through our devices? 00:41:14
PKA 460 Cinema talk: The cost of going to a movie & luxurious movie theatres 00:43:46
PKA 460 Portable urinals for movie theatres and golf courses 00:49:25
PKA 460 Bruce’s painful experience with having a catheter and his jaw surgery 00:52:40
PKA 460 Kyle’s research into the most awful sounding videos on adult sites 00:55:40
PKA 460 How do blockbuster movie viewers compare to YouTube/online content views? 01:02:09
PKA 460 Brief Rust talk and return to sounding talk 01:04:28
PKA 460 Taylor’s veneers and the time Tucker’s tooth fell out on a livestream 01:06:45
PKA 460 Kyle prison talk: Other inmates, partying Atlanta prisoners & prison contraband 01:08:42
PKA 460 More prison talk: Makeshift workout equipment, phone calls & more 01:14:06
PKA 460 More prison talk: Stolen towels, commissary & awful smelling hair care products 01:25:20
PKA 460 More prison talk: Snitches & how Kyle’s friend Snow deals with kiddy touchers 01:37:40
PKA 460 Kyle’s probation terms and substance testing experience 01:52:14
PKA 460 More prison talk: Prison jobs, Head officers and the funniest moments in prison 01:57:38
PKA 460 Getting Snow on PKA & Snow’s abnormal/tragic family life 02:01:45
PKA 460 More prison talk: Best moments, the pros/cons of showering & commissary goods 02:06:16
PKA 460 Kyle reveals the secret prison blade locations & why there were no vending machines 02:14:08
PKA 460 The prison photo booth & discimination in the prison workplaces 02:17:39
PKA 460 The preferable bed bunks, bathroom routines, prison life hacks & more 02:21:21
PKA 460 More prison talk: Experienced new inmates with friends & the prison community 02:33:18
PKA 460 Prison cook books and Kyle’s rapid prison weight loss and constipation 02:39:27
PKA 460 Ad reads: SmartMouth & Squarespace 02:45:50
PKA 460 Fans who write inaccurate biographies about YouTubers & create FanFics 02:51:58
PKA 460 Are the guys ever worried about adult pics getting leaked to the public? 02:59:22
PKA 460 Woody’s hilarious misconceptions about the best way to take an adult pic 03:03:30
PKA 460 Do the guys ever wish they could go back to the days of high school and college? 03:04:58
PKA 460 Did the guys go to their high school reunions? How should you act at one? 03:12:44
PKA 460 Baseball talk: Kyle’s Atlanta Braves get absolutely humiliated by the Cardinals 03:20:23
PKA 460 Basketball talk: Ben Simmons scores his first 3 pointer, the NBA world goes wild 03:26:54
PKA 460 The recent backlash against Chinese censorship: Blizzard, the NBA & South Park 03:29:58
PKA 460 Tucker’s DJ friend who got detained in China for cursing & Hong Kong talk 03:42:09
PKA 460 Kevin Spacey’s MeToo scandals (PKA gets edgy) and Hollywood hijinx 03:52:08
PKA 460 Which institutions are most likely to be kiddy touchers? Plus Age of consent laws 03:59:14
PKA 460 UFC talk: Top fighters in the women’s division 04:06:16
PKA 460 Tucker, Taylor and Woody’s (varying) dependency on their glasses 04:08:42
PKA 460 Bruce and Tucker pimp their Social Medias 04:14:38
PKA 460 Woody calls it a show 04:15:36