PKA 472

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 472 Gaming talk: CoD, Battlefield and Escape from Tarkov 00:00:12
PKA 472 Harley’s experience streaming on Facebook, Twitch partnership & Taylor’s streams 00:07:03
PKA 472 Video: New Years Eve + St Louis = makeshift fireworks via the 2nd Amendment 00:12:20
PKA 472 Ballistic physics and targeting birds 00:17:02
PKA 472 PKA answers an “Am I a douchebag?” query: Divorce-regretee edition 00:25:47
PKA 472 The Office/Parks and Recreation talk & the best TV shows of the 2010s 00:35:50
PKA 472 Is the Sandy Hook tragedy the worst incident of the 2010s? 00:37:55
PKA 472 PKA debates the Top 10 movies of the 2010s 00:42:17
PKA 472 Planet of the Apes motion capture & Woody attempts to mimic a monkey 00:56:22
PKA 472 Video: Man with kids in his car impersonates a cop and chases drunk driver 00:59:34
PKA 472 Video: Asian group brawls outside a restaurant, smashing chairs and bottles 01:08:25
PKA 472 Harley provides an update to his beef jerky products sold being in Walmart 01:11:47
PKA 472 Reacher’s vampiric face cream & True Blood’s eternal maidens 01:15:52
PKA 472 A fan on the PKA subreddit has decided to tribute Taylor.. With his seed 01:18:39
PKA 472 PKA’s adult movie charity and return to discussion seed loads from the fanbase 01:28:24
PKA 472 PKA calls for fans to get their partners involved in tributing the hosts! 01:35:57
PKA 472 Brief food talk (onions & fries) & Kyle’s suggestion for Woody to earn military valor 01:38:12
PKA 472 Australian streamer Pestilly is now directing all his donations to a children’s charity 01:46:38
PKA 472 Woody reads a relationship advice issue: Drunk copulation plans lead to break up 01:54:45
PKA 472 Spiking drinks to get freaky & the time Harley consumed a contaminated drink 02:02:25
PKA 472 The time Harley & the EpicMealTime crew stayed at Kyle’s house and had fun 02:06:33
PKA 472 Where the EMT crew are nowadays & the time Harley went vegan for 2 months 02:10:12
PKA 472 Return to the seed tribute and Taylor’s favourite flashing site 02:12:47
PKA 472 Internet clips so vile that even Kyle recoils & surprise maid flashing 02:15:38
PKA 472 The disparity between male/female lust & sending “accidental” naughty pics 02:18:06
PKA 472 This rotund cosplayer looks curiously similar to Jordie Jordan! 02:23:23
PKA 472 Video: Very hot woman massages a very large alligator 02:24:39
PKA 472 #FreeTheTestes & is Melania Trump the hottest First Lady in history? 02:27:06
PKA 472 Is this racy photoshoot of Melania Trump considered adult material? 02:33:22
PKA 472 Return to debating the hottest FLOTUS: Melania Trump vs Jackie Kennedy 02:40:10
PKA 472 The downfall of Tara Reid and botched celebrity plastic surgeries 02:44:20
PKA 472 Video: Extreme slapping competitions & full contact arm wrestling 02:53:11
PKA 472 Harley’s interactions with Machinima & his experiences as a substitute teacher 02:58:55
PKA 472 The worst students that Harley ever taught & creepy, inappropriate teachers 03:04:43
PKA 472 Harley pimps his social media, briefly talks gaming and leaves the show 03:13:20
PKA 472 Return to the seed tributing topic & Kyle’s B12 supplements 03:16:36
PKA 472 Kyle’s fancy habanero pickles & the YouTuber chef that Kyle wants on PKA 03:19:34
PKA 472 Guests that the guys want on the show: Steve1989MRE, Blade & more 03:24:19
PKA 472 Was Woody really mean to this waitress in Kyle’s neck of the woods? 03:28:56
PKA 472 UFC talk: Could Conor vs Khabib 2 happen this year? Ferguson, Cowboy & more 03:42:16
PKA 472 More MMA talk: The power of leg kicks & Woody vs Andy Aiello & Dan Lauzon 03:52:38
PKA 472 Dan Lauzon, Joe’s younger brother who gets ROUGH in sparring sessions 04:00:44
PKA 472 Kyle asks the fans to suggest new guests that would be good for the show 04:06:13
PKA 472 Woody calls it a show 04:08:43