PKA 473

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 473 How Andy Miller turned a $5m mobile company into a $75m sale 00:00:11
PKA 473 The ridiculousness of oldschool phone plans & dealing with customer service 00:06:34
PKA 473 Andy’s experience of working directly with Steve Jobs at Apple 00:09:55
PKA 473 Steve Jobs’ incredible work ethic and questionable dietary choices 00:15:00
PKA 473 Did Andy ever disagree with Steve Jobs’ business philosophies? 00:19:59
PKA 473 How much did Bill Campbell (Steve’s life coach) play in the success of Apple? 00:23:12
PKA 473 What motivates Andy to keep working after a successful career in business? 00:29:05
PKA 473 Real life cyborgs and human integration with technology 00:34:41
PKA 473 Andy’s experience of running an eSports team (NRG) 00:37:22
PKA 473 Woody and Andy talk basketball & the pros/cons of going to sporting events 00:46:25
PKA 473 Kyle’s Atlanta Falcon woes & the best sports teams to invest in 00:54:27
PKA 473 Kyle explains why MMA is such a captivating combat sport 00:58:42
PKA 473 The importance of social media in the modern (e)sports personality 01:02:27
PKA 473 Andy’s experience of investing in the Sacramento Kings & the business of sports 01:05:32
PKA 473 Why is ice hockey such a captivating sport to Taylor and Woody? 01:11:45
PKA 473 The most exciting play in baseball history & trash talking in (e)sports 01:16:07
PKA 473 The current eSports that NRG are currently active in & Andy’s role as an owner 01:26:50
PKA 473 What other hobbies does Andy like to engage in? (College football/hockey talk) 01:31:02
PKA 473 Andy’s limited but wholesome interactions with LeBron James 01:36:23
PKA 473 The problems with franchising in CoD and American sports 01:37:57
PKA 473 Politics talk: Did America “win” in the recent Trump vs Iran debacle? 01:42:10
PKA 473 Was Iran’s recent earthquake simply seismic activity or a secret Clinton conspiracy? 01:59:34
PKA 473 The Australian wildfires and the politics of climate change 02:04:03
PKA 473 Living on Mars and Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s obnoxious tweets 02:19:41
PKA 473 Humanity’s procrastination with climate change & furthering technology 02:23:16
PKA 473 PKA does relationship advice: Is this girlfriend rightly jealous or overreacting? 02:27:45
PKA 473 Mike Pence’s electro therapy & legalisation of weed in the US 02:34:40
PKA 473 The ridiculous nature of Kyle’s federal charges compared to other “criminals” 02:39:58
PKA 473 Kyle prison talk: Counting down the days, audiobooks & prison etiquette 02:42:45
PKA 473 Women drafted for the military & the President’s role as Commander in Chief 02:51:29
PKA 473 Andy reviews his time on PKA, pimps his eSports team & leaves the show 02:58:17
PKA 473 More PKA relationship advice: Naughty pic exchange goes awry 03:02:50
PKA 473 Horrible bottle rocket injuries & the guys’ experience with delightful IV drips 03:08:20
PKA 473 Video: Man bench pressing without a spotter gets pranked by his friends 03:19:35
PKA 473 Woody, Taylor & Kyle’s close calls with serious weightlifting injuries 03:24:40
PKA 473 Fitness talk: The pros/cons of deadlifts & Taylor’s workout mindset 03:33:17
PKA 473 The Gamertag family tries WeightWatchers & coffee talk 03:38:18
PKA 473 The funniest scenes from The Simpsons & how Homer Simpson was ruined 03:42:19
PKA 473 Kyle recommends the TV show Hannibal as a current binge watch 03:49:17
PKA 473 What would Taylor and Kyle call their hypothetical children? Plus PKA family talk 03:53:32
PKA 473 Joe Rogan’s recent carnivore diet & the guys discuss their bowel movements 03:58:42
PKA 473 Kyle finds a subreddit that creeps him out & narrates the story of “The Rake” 04:00:51
PKA 473 Kyle teases some upcoming cool PKA guests that he is excited for 04:10:38
PKA 473 Woody calls it a show 04:11:09