PKA 484

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 484 How is Richard doing? (Isolation & doomsday prepping talk) 00:00:08
PKA 484 What if women laid eggs like chickens instead of having monthly cycles? 00:03:21
PKA 484 How well prepared are the guys for long-term self isolation preparation? 00:05:36
PKA 484 Video: Is Joe Biden going senile during this election campaign? 00:08:44
PKA 484 Politics talk: Would Woody vote for Trump? And economics/stock trading talk 00:14:24
PKA 484 The upsides of the pandemic on societal norms: Conference calls & public events 00:25:15
PKA 484 The time Woody absolutely dominated his CISCO Sports Day event 00:30:31
PKA 484 Video: Modern sword and shield combat in Scandinavia is absolutely ruthless! 00:32:22
PKA 484 Video: Russian man swiftly deals a beat down to multiple men inside an elevator 00:38:19
PKA 484 UFC talk: Tony vs Khabib, Masvidal’s toughness & Cro Cop vs Sila’s staredown 00:42:56
PKA 484 Sports talk: Broadcasters struggling to fill air time & college basketball talk 00:49:31
PKA 484 How to improve golf with “mystery” balls & the combat etiquette in boxing vs MMA 00:53:40
PKA 484 Kyle gives his suggestions on how to improve basketball, baseball & ice hockey 00:56:52
PKA 484 Hockey talk: Could Tarasenko return for the Blues by the end of this pandemic? 01:02:28
PKA 484 Pandemic talk: Trump’s response, US testing numbers & the guys predict the future 01:04:29
PKA 484 Has this pandemic outlined the US’ over-dependence on global trade? 01:08:38
PKA 484 Jon Jones’ recent arrest & why he should embrace the ultimate bad guy persona 01:14:58
PKA 484 UFC talk: Thug Rose vs Weili Zhang vs Joanna J & Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 01:23:43
PKA 484 Ad read: Postmatees (plus Kyle’s personal advocacy) 01:28:36
PKA 484 Taylor’s plans to return to streaming & how Woody has fallen victim to the Tarkov bug 01:31:06
PKA 484 Kyle attempts to get Taylor to try out DOOM: Eternal 01:40:52
PKA 484 Tiger King talk: An absurd Netflix documentary about crazy people who own tigers 01:41:51
PKA 484 Pandemic talk: Binge watching shows, taking isolation seriously & China’s markets 02:12:33
PKA 484 If Kyle were to eat a human, he wants it to be a white woman’s thumb. Here’s why 02:17:04
PKA 484 Brief Westworld/Picard talk & how YouTubers are dealing with the pandemic 02:21:00
PKA 484 More pandemic talk: Kyle’s food stockpile & quarantine cuisines 02:22:12
PKA 484 Richard’s closed-circuit chicanery & how the ATF sucked at raiding Kyle’s house 02:25:10
PKA 484 The story of Dangerous Bob & other men with crazy amounts of militia supplies 02:33:18
PKA 484 The time Richard nearly got a nuclear silo & Woody almost bought a castle 02:36:30
PKA 484 Ad read: SmartMouth 02:39:19
PKA 484 Fitness talk: How the guys are getting workouts in even during the lockdowns 02:40:34
PKA 484 If E3 were to move entirely online & the time Woody and Kyle went to CoD XP 2011 02:44:52
PKA 484 Why Richard loves assault bikes/treadmills and counting calories 02:49:05
PKA 484 Richard’s rib injury from a MyZone fitness belt & the 2018 PKA fitness challenge 02:51:26
PKA 484 Video: Indian police deal with curfew-breakers due to the pandemic 02:56:57
PKA 484 The injustice of the modern day Indian caste system 02:58:12
PKA 484 Taylor gives an update about his brother’s injuries and how he is doing now 03:02:55
PKA 484 More pandemic talk: Woody’s crazy Facebook friends who are denying reality 03:08:51
PKA 484 Video: Road raging driver deals with a guy holding up traffic to chat with a buddy 03:14:33
PKA 484 Corrupt Indian police and more public caning videos from Peru 03:18:30
PKA 484 Video: Ecuadorian police cut off a man bun as punishment for breaking curfew 03:21:49
PKA 484 When will the US dish out serious pandemic punishments? Will Taylor contract it? 03:23:05
PKA 484 Patreon AMA: Why wouldn’t Kyle want a father-son bond with his own fictitious child? 03:26:18
PKA 484 The guys remember their worst school teachers & why big boys do what they want 03:29:50
PKA 484 What did teachers write on the guys’ report cards? And more school tomfoolery stories 03:34:29
PKA 484 Jackie’s highschool tormentor & teenage wrestling gone horribly wrong 03:40:38
PKA 484 Patreon AMA: Fan asks for Kyle’s advice on getting the right 1911 purchase 03:44:33
PKA 484 How Taylor’s work flow has been affected by isolation (pooping on conference calls) 03:49:29
PKA 484 TV show talk: Curb Your Enthusiasm & celebrities who get plastic surgery/steroids 03:56:30
PKA 484 How stocked up on toilet paper are the guys? How long could they go on lockdown? 04:01:51
PKA 484 Does elk meat really make you more aggressive than other meat products? 04:04:11
PKA 484 Richard pimps his social medias, requests for an editor 04:06:30