PKA 499

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 499 Since Arian’s last appearance, Kyle has become a cancer-surviving felon! 00:00:43
PKA 499 Arian, Taylor and Woody talk Twitch streaming and Valorant 00:06:27
PKA 499 Kyle and Woody attempt to get Arian into Escape From Tarkov 00:11:51
PKA 499 Kyle has reluctantly been sucked back into Rust by his gaming friends 00:15:55
PKA 499 Why Kyle feels afraid to talk to young children as a grown man in 2020 00:27:01
PKA 499 How Arian would fare in prison and Kyle’s legendary prison stories 00:31:00
PKA 499 How Woody has become a new man since sleeping with his CPAP machine 00:39:00
PKA 499 Arian’s experience of being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder 00:45:05
PKA 499 How Social Media has affected Arian’s anxiety & Kyle shares his panic attack stories 00:49:42
PKA 499 Arian and Kyle get deep on coping mechanisms and going to therapy 01:02:51
PKA 499 Arian’s taste in older, mature women and why he isn’t into girls younger than him 01:07:50
PKA 499 Arian’s recent craving of terrible reality shows & what he would do in Naked & Afraid 01:10:44
PKA 499 The time Kyle met the Muffin Man & selling your pride for a handful of Oreos 01:15:15
PKA 499 What one survival item would the guys bring to the middle of the Amazon? 01:21:47
PKA 499 The most ill-prepared contestants on survival shows ever 01:27:54
PKA 499 Les Stroud’s new survival show with NHL stars & his interactions with Kodiak bears 01:32:05
PKA 499 Kyle’s plans to move to Colorado and take out a bear with a recurve bow 01:36:51
PKA 499 Arian and Kyle’s love of the TV show Cosmos & John Travolta’s closeted secret 01:45:01
PKA 499 The weird culture of slapping men’s butts in sports & extreme hockey hazing 01:48:48
PKA 499 Woody, Kyle and Arian’s failed attempt to “beat” a Brazilian buffer 01:55:00
PKA 499 Illegal smashing in Smash Bros and the normalisation of “Minor Attracted Peoples” 01:56:07
PKA 499 Ad reads: Smart Mouth & Honey 02:10:31
PKA 499 The new PKA Patreon discord and Kyle’s chat with a drunken PKA superfan 02:13:19
PKA 499 2nd Amendment talk: Kyle gives Arian advice on online buying, 12 gauges & more 02:17:48
PKA 499 Paintball talk: Arian’s painful first game, oldschool PKA Paintball events & airsoft 02:30:57
PKA 499 The time Kyle got so high at PKA Paintball, he thought he was being kidnapped 02:39:58
PKA 499 Arian reflects on his football career: College recruitment, NFL struggles & retiring 02:44:45
PKA 499 Are there any other NFL stars who are as well-spoken and cerebral as Arian? 03:10:54
PKA 499 Wings talk: His new marriage is off to a rough start thanks to PKA and trolls! 03:14:15
PKA 499 The guys rapidly discuss Abraham Lincoln, Lord of the Rings & salted/pickled pork 03:18:34
PKA 499 What changed about Arian’s life perspective upon entering football retirement? 03:23:49
PKA 499 Arian’s relationship with NFL nowadays and his recent introduction to jiu-jitsu 03:30:23
PKA 499 MMA talk: Cowboy Cerrone vs Nate Diaz & UFC 251 hype/predictions 03:35:06
PKA 499 Video: UFC star Mike Perry’s gangster week (SUV purchases and bar brawls) 03:40:53
PKA 499 Amputee Tik Tok stars, bidets and the best kinds of UFC stars in Kyle’s opinion 03:50:48
PKA 499 Should sports allow Performance Enhancing substances? And Usain Bolt’s records 04:01:34
PKA 499 Kyle’s incredibly petty hockey pranks to Taylor and Kitty 04:05:53
PKA 499 Arian pimps his Social Medias and thanks the guys 04:09:23