PKA 500

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 500 It’s the 500th PKA! And the hosts feel.. Whelmed about it 00:00:21
PKA 500 The time Bruce went to 6 Birthday parties for one person over 3 days 00:01:32
PKA 500 Woody’s self-gifts from his family & should the PKA crew get each other gifts? 00:05:30
PKA 500 Masterson’s awesome “Toki Doki” gift from his GF & Bruce’s terrible gifts to his fiancée 00:12:31
PKA 500 PKA investigates Japanese foot binding & pediatric circumcision gone wrong 00:17:41
PKA 500 Masterson’s visit to Israel & what REALLY happened on Eptstein’s island? 00:25:16
PKA 500 TV show talk: It’s Always Sunny backlash and Game Of Thrones’ ruined legacy 00:28:40
PKA 500 Masterson goes on a controversial, passionate rant on why the lockdown is BS 00:43:28
PKA 500 How lockdown is affecting everyone else & is the situation as bad as people say? 00:55:35
PKA 500 Ad reads: Bluechew & Tushy 01:02:29
PKA 500 The inconvenience of wearing masks & why is Woody acting suspiciously?? 01:07:34
PKA 500 The Fifth Element & Emily Ratajkowski’s leaked photos, as found by Kyle 01:10:16
PKA 500 Does Megan Fox have weird, gross thumbs? And more of Emily Ratajkowski’s pics 01:15:23
PKA 500 Taylor talks about his Twitch stream & Dawn relationship (Anthony Cumia joins during) 01:18:03
PKA 500 Bruce thanks the guys and leaves the show to let Anthony join 01:20:15
PKA 500 Taylor, Woody and Kyle tease their upcoming conspiracy theories for a later segment 01:23:23
PKA 500 What’s new with Cumia? Plus Anthony’s involvement in Bill Burr vs Philadelphia 01:25:43
PKA 500 What is wrong with people from Philadelphia? Why are they such jerks? 01:27:49
PKA 500 Kyle still can’t fathom sports fans’ allegiances towards players and a certain team 01:34:45
PKA 500 Greedy internet providers & paying for SiriusXM’s subscription services 01:43:53
PKA 500 Anthony, Woody and Taylor’s experience of how their cities have turned to wastelands 01:48:00
PKA 500 Anthony and Masterson share scepticism about the lockdown’s seriousness 01:54:06
PKA 500 The few upsides from lockdown; working from home & the revival of MySpace Tom 01:59:03
PKA 500 Taylor’s conspiracy theory #1: Helen Keller was a puppet exploited by her Aunt 02:01:42
PKA 500 Woody’s conspiracy theory #1: Colonoscopies are BS procedures for freaky Doctors 02:13:50
PKA 500 Kyle’s conspiracy theory: Hitler fled to Argentina in 1945 rather than end his own life 02:22:26
PKA 500 Anthony and Kyle are heartbroken that Taylor’s conspiracy theory could be true 02:35:49
PKA 500 Woody’s conspiracy theory #2: All the PKA hosts have secretly been taking PEDs 02:40:10
PKA 500 Taylor’s conspiracy theory #2: Albert Einstein really wasn’t that much of a genius 02:46:28
PKA 500 Which of Taylor’s two conspiracies were the strongest? 03:02:27
PKA 500 Do the guys often get vaccines? Which of the conspiracy theories were the best? 03:04:41
PKA 500 Woody and Kyle’s cut conspiracy theories & what if Michelle Obama was a man? 03:10:38
PKA 500 Presidential scandals: Johnson’s johnson & the JFK conspiracy 03:13:19
PKA 500 Will Gilane Maxwell reveal anything about the Epstein conspiracy whilst in custody? 03:17:56
PKA 500 The creepy conspiracy linking Wayfair delivery & dozens of missing children 03:25:02
PKA 500 The conspiracy of conspiracy theories & why PKA started the conspiracy segment 03:33:11
PKA 500 Russian super soldiers & Sylvester Stallone’s incredibly physique at 70 years old 03:37:10
PKA 500 Tyrone Woodley getting embarrassed on reality TV & brief UFC talks 03:40:22
PKA 500 More on the Helen Keller conspiracy theory & the importance of child development 03:45:18
PKA 500 White Claws, Bartle’s and James & other low-tier yet popular alcoholic beverages 03:54:04
PKA 500 PKA Plays “Guess the Crime!” Round 1: Gregory Gene Kidd 03:56:05
PKA 500 Guess the Crime Round 2: Laura Marie Anderson 04:01:30
PKA 500 Guess the Crime Round 3: Casey Sheridan Weiss 04:05:07
PKA 500 Guess the Crime Round 4: Lisa Diana Nebel 04:09:06
PKA 500 Guess the Crime Round 5: Alex Adrian Martin 04:13:15
PKA 500 Guess the Crime FInal Round 6: Darren Jerome Good 04:17:04
PKA 500 Why Oz is one of the saddest TV shows to ever exist & terrified pre-prison Kyle 04:22:36
PKA 500 Woody’s new glasses boost his ego when he looks down while peeing 04:24:06