PKA 507

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 507 Woody’s incredible pull-up routine and what’s new with Harley? 00:00:10
PKA 507 Summit1G switching from PUBG to Sea of Thieves & lots of Escape from Tarkov talk 00:02:51
PKA 507 Taylor and Harley bond over the highs and lows of Fall Guys 00:27:46
PKA 507 Woody’s adventures in Flight Simulator: Amelia Earheart & rescuing Snow! 00:33:27
PKA 507 How to deal with cheaters in Tarkov, CoD Warzone and Rust 00:36:08
PKA 507 VR gaming, Nvidia’s new range of graphics cards & the guys’ next PC builds 00:42:28
PKA 507 If Taylor did GTA: V Roleplay, Kyle/Harley’s VR-related injuries & VR roller coasters 01:01:16
PKA 507 Ad read: Postmates 01:12:17
PKA 507 Taylor is dressed up in an owl costume and is absolutely drenched in sweat 01:13:23
PKA 507 Did you know Gwenyth Paltrow made a candle scented like her nether regions? 01:16:33
PKA 507 Would the PKA fanbase purchase a candle that smells like the hosts’ rear ends? 01:20:32
PKA 507 How Canada ruined the 1945 Peace Treaty that ended the global conflict 01:25:04
PKA 507 Donald Trump’s fancy signature & discussing 01:29:30
PKA 507 PKA discusses the recent unrest in America that YouTube will flag if I get too specific 01:33:25
PKA 507 Video: Baked College guy gets interviewed on the News on his way to Taco Bell 02:11:49
PKA 507 Do the guys mind wearing face masks in public? Is social distancing even practical? 02:12:41
PKA 507 How many roaches would the guys rather eat than become infected with a virus? 02:23:40
PKA 507 Woody and Kyle’s experience eating bugs/insects & Taylor’s crab-eating expertise 02:31:02
PKA 507 Kyle and Harley reflect on dating younger women, eating bugs and getting drunk 02:38:30
PKA 507 Ad read: Squarespace & SmartMouth 02:42:28
PKA 507 Video: Man in a local council meeting explains why “boneless chicken wings” are BS 02:44:57
PKA 507 Harley recommends the book “Sapiens” and the guys discuss humanity’s evolution 02:51:52
PKA 507 Amazon’s adaptation of The Three Body Problem that has many GoT fans on edge 02:59:23
PKA 507 Kyle shares his recent audiobook listens: Warhammer 40 & Thomas Harris’ collection 03:01:13
PKA 507 Why Woody dislikes the Bladerunner & Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books 03:12:39
PKA 507 Movie talk: The Shining, Terminator 2 & the guys’ favourite horror movies of all time 03:22:37
PKA 507 Why these alien movies are two of the scariest films Kyle has ever seen 03:37:41
PKA 507 The time Kyle’s sister scared him in the middle of the night with a monkey mask 03:42:16
PKA 507 Woody & Harley share stories of being on the receiving end of scary pranks as kids 03:44:03
PKA 507 Are we due for another Freddy Krueger movie? What about Chucky? 03:49:15
PKA 507 Why Pinhead is a scarier villain than most horror movie icons 03:55:39
PKA 507 This twist-ending scene from “Sleepaway Camp” creeped Harley out as a child 04:01:27
PKA 507 Harley pimps his Social Medias, Taylor and Woody call it a show 04:05:19