PKA 513

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 513 Danny Mullen describes his experience of filming an adult movie with his crew 00:00:10
PKA 513 One of Woody/PKAs longest enemies is doing very bad in hospital 00:07:55
PKA 513 A PKA Patron recently discovered one of the most upsetting things Kyle’s ever seen 00:13:14
PKA 513 A new PKA Patron has offered to do a live adult show with his GF for the hosts 00:18:43
PKA 513 How Kyle his prolific weed hobby for over 300 episodes of PKA.. almost perfectly 00:20:33
PKA 513 Taylor’s car rental job and the monotonous life of the inescapable working class 00:25:11
PKA 513 Danny recounts his experience of working as a restaurant server in shady places 00:36:19
PKA 513 Taylor’s current job in sales & why being a 5’8 person in a store is more expensive 00:42:29
PKA 513 PKA talks little people: Conventions & Tucker Max’s incredibly offensive midget joke 00:45:12
PKA 513 Amy Coney Barrett’s adopted black kids & would Taylor ever consider adoption? 00:49:15
PKA 513 Kyle & Taylor explain to Danny why they take supplements to increase their seed 00:53:43
PKA 513 Kyle contacts a friend of the show to get a PKA “seed” supplement going 01:05:08
PKA 513 Ad read: Honey & ExpressVPN 01:09:58
PKA 513 PKA discusses more about the RSK “Lock and Load” magic seed supplement 01:13:02
PKA 513 Danny’s extremely large right nut & Woody’s VERY painful teenage torsion 01:17:07
PKA 513 The mystery of double-yolk eggs & the time Danny rode an ostrich for a video 01:26:48
PKA 513 Patreon AMA: Do the guys have any advice for this fan’s home gym setup? 01:29:57
PKA 513 Woody’s livestream gong & Taylor demonstrates a Chinese party popper live on PKA 01:40:58
PKA 513 Danny asserts he could take a horse in an MMA match, the guys dispute his claim 01:44:24
PKA 513 Video: Man attempts to take an ostrich, the animal completely humiliates him 01:59:01
PKA 513 Woody and Danny talk MMA: Training in Eddie Bravo’s gym & sparring top stars 02:00:15
PKA 513 Paramotors vs Bald eagles & Henry the friendly Wolf spider in Woody’s kitchen 02:02:39
PKA 513 TV show talk: The Sopranos’ funniest scenes and the return of Dexter 02:06:40
PKA 513 PKA returns to the “What animal could you take in an MMA match?” debacle 02:10:01
PKA 513 Code 7, Democrats & Canadians: The guys share work lingos for awful customers 02:21:32
PKA 513 Kyle the car salesman breaks down the negotiation process when inside a dealership 02:24:32
PKA 513 Woody & Taylor’s frustrating experiences of buying paramotor & fitness equipment 02:33:20
PKA 513 PKA discusses getting celebrity endorsements for the show’s new seed supplement 02:38:09
PKA 513 Hockey: talk: Taylor’s Blues blues, hockey brawls and famous 90s NHL moments 02:44:11
PKA 513 LeBron James’ Elmer glue hair & the many wives and children of LBJ 02:55:21
PKA 513 Why Kyle regrets his controversial comments about Hila Klein from PKA 491 03:00:23
PKA 513 MMA talk: Khabib vs Gaethje, McGregor vs Poirer & Danny’s MMA experience 03:02:49
PKA 513 Genetic freaks with great bottoms & the time Taylor bruised his bottom BADLY 03:19:13
PKA 513 More MMA talk: Adesanya’s plans to jump to 205, could he take Jon Jones? 03:23:14
PKA 513 More PKA seed supplement talk: Endorsement, packaging. pricing & more 03:28:45
PKA 513 Space Race theories & why Danny used to not believe in the Moon landings 03:34:36
PKA 513 More sports talk: Kyle’s Atlanta football fandom, the importance of coaches & more 03:41:20
PKA 513 Video: Philly man gets fired, goes to the “Show and Tell” adult club for some fun 03:51:48
PKA 513 The guys investigate the “Show and Tell” club’s hilarious Google reviews 03:54:51
PKA 513 Kyle, Taylor and Woody talk Vermintide grinding & PKA Plays 03:58:20
PKA 513 Danny pimps his adult movie & the upcoming PKA “Lock and Load” supplement 04:05:28
PKA 513 Woody calls it a shoe 04:08:25