PKA 523

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 523 SlushPuppy talks Twitch streaming, Tarkov & breaking world records 00:00:17
PKA 523 Slush & Kyle’s experience of streaming Rust, base-raiding & server preferences 00:05:03
PKA 523 Slush’s exclusive Twitch contract, stream monetisation & content creation talk 00:14:50
PKA 523 SlushPuppy’s pursuit of a Twitch career, his former coding career & more 00:24:06
PKA 523 The technical headache that comes with audio engineering & computer coding 00:27:54
PKA 523 International nuclear arsenals & why the US occupying Iraq is actually a good thing! 00:33:22
PKA 523 If the US was going to take over a nation in 2021, which one would be the best? 00:40:20
PKA 523 Malaysia’s public punishments posts & the guys’ worst corporal punishment stories 00:47:45
PKA 523 Chuck E Cheese bathroom disasters & the guys share parental punishment stories 00:52:31
PKA 523 The wonders of having a house maid & Kyle’s $50 condom clean-up service 01:10:44
PKA 523 Slush’s risky career change and his recent on-stream fitness challenges 01:14:28
PKA 523 Squats, weightlifting and the best cardio exercises to get in shape 01:21:41
PKA 523 Patreon AMA: What adult toys should someone new to the bedroom purchase? 01:24:27
PKA 523 The time Kyle kicked a girl out of a hotel room because she didn’t want to fool around 01:32:01
PKA 523 Patreon AMA: Should this PKA fan go to Vegas to get with a woman for the first time? 01:37:03
PKA 523 Taylor, Slush and Woody show off their dogs, whose is the cutest? 01:43:58
PKA 523 Kyle’s $2500 dog, Dak, who absolutely despised him and ended up selling 01:46:43
PKA 523 Taylor’s botched dog neutering & Slush’s experience of getting a vasectomy 01:49:14
PKA 523 Slush enlightens the guys on Australia’s 2A laws - What is/isn’t illegal? 01:54:10
PKA 523 Kyle introduces the guys to Fetlife, a VERY adult version of Facebook 02:01:21
PKA 523 The guys talk Tarkov: Woody’s obsession, Battle Royale comparisons & more 02:09:10
PKA 523 Ad reads: Postmates & ExpressVPN 02:17:30
PKA 523 The guys share their experiences of getting hacked and stalked by fans 02:20:20
PKA 523 PKA reacts to “The Northern Nightmare” calling Woody out on the PKA Subreddit 02:24:36
PKA 523 KimmyJ the number 1 CoD Commentator from Vietnam & Taylor’s owl costume 02:30:40
PKA 523 Woody and Slush’s wrongful Twitch bans & the mystery of DrDisrespect’s Twitch ban 02:34:09
PKA 523 How Slush convinced his Twitch chat that his wife has a boyfriend called Derek 02:45:48
PKA 523 The dubious lockdown stimulus bill with relief money to Asia & the Middle East 02:48:51
PKA 523 How would the guys instantly blow their 600 dollars of the stimulus check? 03:00:32
PKA 523 More on the ludicrous lockdown stimulus bill, unemployment benefits & more 03:07:45
PKA 523 Taylor and Slush get nerdy over Lord of The Rings, Slush talks Twitch & moving house 03:18:28
PKA 523 Does Taylor have any home gym equipment he regrets buying? 03:21:36
PKA 523 Slush’s sports background and Taylor’s friend who foolishly got into MMA at 27 03:26:30
PKA 523 Ben Askren vs Jake Paul - Who would win in a boxing match? 03:33:01
PKA 523 The time Kyle featured in the movie “Airplane Mode” with Logan Paul as FPSRussia 03:39:18
PKA 523 Women who are so ridiculously hot that they are hard to be in the same room with 03:49:07
PKA 523 Tasmanian Tanzanians, Quigley Down Under and Slush’s dark aboriginal ancestry 03:50:56
PKA 523 Baby Yoda’s gender pronouns, Letterkenny & the hottest sisters in TV history 03:55:33
PKA 523 Slush pimps his Social Medias 04:04:59