PKA 528

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 528 PKA reacts to the insanity of /r/WallStreetBets vs Hedge Funds over GameStop stock 00:00:17
PKA 528 Woody explains “shorting” and “short-squeezing” in a simple gorilla-based analogy 00:27:42
PKA 528 Why GameStop is the modern version of BlockBuster with AT&T customer service 00:29:03
PKA 528 CNBC and the mainstream media’s dubious relationship with Wall Street billionaires 00:31:58
PKA 528 Robinhood’s underhanded involvement in preventing /r/WSB from succeeding 00:33:32
PKA 528 Will GameStop’s stock continue to rise indefinitely until the short squeeze is done? 00:38:53
PKA 528 The traditional media’s incredibly dishonest reporting on the WallStreetBets Subreddit 00:47:09
PKA 528 Kyle recommends the new Netflix series “SnowPiercer” to the audience 00:49:41
PKA 528 Kyle and Woody go on a LONG rant on why Marvel’s new WandaVision show SUCKS 00:58:09
PKA 528 How WandaVision could be very easily improved, according to Kyle 01:22:19
PKA 528 Brie Larson’s controversial Captain Marvel comments & the worst Marvel movies ever 01:24:31
PKA 528 Spartacus talk: Shredded dudes, the many adult scenes & the show’s tragic decline 01:27:57
PKA 528 Taylor shows off his new $60 “gaming” gauntlets 01:41:15
PKA 528 Lord of The Rings’ poorly aged CGI & what would happen if you fell into a volcano? 01:42:50
PKA 528 Stores that are failing/thriving during the lockdown & the new mask-wearing culture 01:48:10
PKA 528 The guys share hilarious dentist stories & talk best/worst barber shop experiences 01:54:47
PKA 528 How do the guys deal with people in real life finding out about the podcast? 02:04:48
PKA 528 Ad reads: Blue & SmartMouth 02:09:10
PKA 528 Hockey talk: Brutal boardings, Woody’s vicious moment of madness & more 02:11:33
PKA 528 Kyle details how PKA could troll OJ Simpson if he ever came the show on as a guest 02:16:55
PKA 528 Successfully cashing in on 15 minutes of internet fame & speed-climbing El Capitan 02:20:24
PKA 528 Unique gender reveal parties & Taylor’s transition to a real adulthood/fatherhood 02:24:00
PKA 528 The $50 Patron who pitched Kyle a horrendously offensive RTS game 02:27:39
PKA 528 Taylor’s lonely MTG Twitch streams & Taylor/Kyle’s dominance on Age of Mythology 02:32:00
PKA 528 Woody narrates a redditor’s comparison of the /r/WSB story to the SnowPiercer series 02:36:03
PKA 528 The easiest way to become a billionaire & how the US made Iraq more profitable 02:41:25
PKA 528 Video game meta, super-modified AKs and the dilemma of Theseus’ ship 02:45:41
PKA 528 Imprinting false memories, the DaddyOfFive drama & satisfying judicial justice 02:50:50
PKA 528 Politics talk: The US Government going green & China’s shady fossil fuel fraudulence 02:56:14
PKA 528 The guys talk nuclear energy: Disposing waste into space, fuel rods & energy potential 03:01:24
PKA 528 Why isn’t the world run by solar panels already? 03:12:16
PKA 528 On the back of the GameStop stock, Dogecoin’s value is rapidly increasing too! 03:14:58
PKA 528 America’s class divide and the farcical nature of “trickle down” economics 03:19:17
PKA 528 What will be the outcome of the /r/WallStreetBets vs Hedge Fund billionaires debacle? 03:23:10
PKA 528 Fitness talk: Taylor’s journey into weightlifting, Woody’s perfected regiment & more 03:26:12
PKA 528 Taylor’s full-time Twitch prospects & how to quit his real job in emphatic fashion 03:33:23
PKA 528 More Dogecoin and Robinhood talk: Is it too late to get in on the trend? 03:42:06
PKA 528 The upcoming $50 Patreon hangout with the adult show ft. a Patron and his girlfriend 03:46:50
PKA 528 Kyle’s rollercoaster ride of a sleep schedule & his caffeine-crazed diet 03:49:23
PKA 528 Taylor reflects on his brother’s terrifying injury in 2020 and how he’s doing now 03:52:00