PKA 532

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 532 Kyle goes on a rant against George R. R. Martin and the Game of Thrones ending 00:00:10
PKA 532 PKA reacts to Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs being violently stolen in Los Angeles 00:11:01
PKA 532 Leaked images of celebrities flashing the goods (Lady Gaga & Emma Watson) 00:13:38
PKA 532 Harry Potter and the Ageing Cast & actors playing roles they’re far too old for 00:17:24
PKA 532 John Travolta’s best roles, his terrible movie “The Fanatic” and his cancelling 00:21:22
PKA 532 South Dakota’s Attorney General and the suspicious circumstances of his hit & run 00:33:29
PKA 532 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s scandalous week! 00:39:49
PKA 532 Politics talk: Biden intervenes in Syria & keeping kids in cages at the border 00:44:27
PKA 532 How the guys deal with spam callers & how the spammers exploit the eldery 00:48:45
PKA 532 The guys discuss raising the minimum wage to $15 & attempt to name State capitals 00:54:53
PKA 532 Rent inflation, the guys’ first apartments & more on the minimum wage debate 01:04:56
PKA 532 How will normal life change after lockdown? (Gig economies & Amazon’s takeover) 01:09:39
PKA 532 Amazon’s ferocious anti-Union efforts & Woody’s changing views on unions over time 01:12:02
PKA 532 Fitness talk: Woody’s bicep workouts & the Ultimate Warrior’s insane arm definition 01:16:38
PKA 532 TV show talk: The Simpsons, The Expanse & Snowpiercer (Season 2 spoilers) 01:20:32
PKA 532 Stephen King’s The Stand and its terrible ending vs. Harry Potter’s excellent ending 01:30:43
PKA 532 Did JK Rowling copy the plot of Harry Potter from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings? 01:33:14
PKA 532 How would the guys behave in the wizarding world of Harry Potter? (Kyle gets nerdy) 01:37:18
PKA 532 Patreon AMA: Would Kyle rather have Spock or Data in his Star Trek crew? 01:45:08
PKA 532 The guys discuss doing PKA Plays Valheim, a Norse-themed Survival game 01:48:54
PKA 532 Magic: The Gathering’s creators are adding Warhammer & LoTR cards to their decks! 01:52:28
PKA 532 Celebrities who escaped being cancelled & the Obi Wan Kenobi spin-off TV show 01:54:44
PKA 532 Kyle discusses his next car purchase: Toyota Supra, Jaguar F-Type, Corvettes & more 01:58:16
PKA 532 Woody and Kyle discuss the pain of complicated car maintenance & DIY tools 02:10:55
PKA 532 Kyle’s terrible tendon pains and how he’s attempting to remedy it 02:16:14
PKA 532 Ad reads: Smart Mouth & Blue 02:22:28
PKA 532 Patreon AMA: Why hasn’t Kyle considered Oregon as his next place to live? 02:25:45
PKA 532 Kyle talks about his love of weed & shares stories of his funniest/worst high moments 02:28:55
PKA 532 Taylor and Kyle’s experience of extreme illicit substances & people hooked on them 02:39:36
PKA 532 The guys discuss the upcoming PKA Colorado trip and what they’re going to do on it 02:44:37
PKA 532 Driving ranges, Top Golf and the guys’ experience of playing golf 02:53:23
PKA 532 Tiger Woods’ serious injury & athletes who insure critical parts of their body 02:55:59
PKA 532 NHL talk: Taylor’s Blues’ injury blues, Draft picks and more 02:59:37
PKA 532 Kyle and Woody talk Mission Impossible & Tom Cruise’s spectacular stunts 03:02:49
PKA 532 Katie Holmes’ hotness and Leonardo DiCaprio’s dubious dating age range limit 03:07:42
PKA 532 What age are a woman’s eggs most fertile, is younger better? (Yep, PKA goes there) 03:11:29
PKA 532 Male fertility, the downsides of birth control & unconventional contraceptive methods 03:18:11
PKA 532 When Taylor decides to start a family, how many kids does he want? 03:25:02
PKA 532 Woody’s “secret” daughter, George Foreman JR, is about to have a baby brother! 03:27:01
PKA 532 Joe Rogan vs fitness guru Will Tennyson on the carnivore diet’s true effectiveness 03:28:36
PKA 532 Have former PKA guests Juji Mufu & Tom gone their separate ways? 03:38:51
PKA 532 Kyle and Woody discuss the worst aspects of Fitness YouTubers & supplements 03:45:07
PKA 532 The guys give an update into the PKA Lock and Load supplement: It’s almost ready! 03:50:37
PKA 532 Taylor and Kyle reminisce on PKA’s infamous bug chaser/daughter flashing topics 03:56:45
PKA 532 PKA talks Trump: His taxes being released, running again in 2024 & his health 03:58:41
PKA 532 The end of global lockdown and the guys’ eagerness to get the vaccine 04:06:09