PKA 537

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 537 Kyle’s snazzy new additions to his wardrobe additions & his makeshift backyard fire pit 00:00:08
PKA 537 How Woody accidentally started a huge fire in his yard that almost spread for acres 00:07:57
PKA 537 PKA’s garage sale! Buy Taylor & Woody’s hockey gear and/or Kyle’s rowing machine! 00:11:09
PKA 537 Kyle attempts to sell off his unused gym equipment & Woody’s insane home gym 00:16:01
PKA 537 How to work out safely by yourself and Harley’s OCD tendencies 00:23:09
PKA 537 Kyle and Woody have received their lockdown vaccines! How did they get them? 00:25:58
PKA 537 If the guys had to 1v1 a top athlete for a vaccine dose, who would they pick? 00:36:39
PKA 537 Rich athletes who buy sports team and Harley’s friend who competes in Formula 1 00:43:25
PKA 537 Kyle’s $700 Magic: The Gathering deck & Taylor’s uber-nerdy MTG obsession 00:49:11
PKA 537 The time Taylor tried to play Lord of the Rings card games with his dad and he left 00:56:35
PKA 537 PKA reacts to Florida politician Matt Gaetz’s scandal involving a 17 year old girl 01:00:15
PKA 537 The decline of traditional media (Fox News) and the rise of more extreme outlets 01:08:17
PKA 537 Kyle’s current favourite YouTuber (Luetin09) & The Stormlight Archive book series 01:13:31
PKA 537 How Kyle woke up terrified after falling asleep to a terrifying audiobook series 01:18:24
PKA 537 Fitness YouTuber talk: Jujimufu’s latest videos & Eric Bugenhagen’s hilarious lifts 01:26:20
PKA 537 Jake Paul vs Ben Askren’s awful press conference - Who do the guys think will win? 01:31:22
PKA 537 UFC talk: Ben Askren’s 3-match career, Masvidal vs Usman, Ngannou and more 01:52:40
PKA 537 Ad reads: Postmates & GOAT 01:56:28
PKA 537 Taylor’s favourite channels on YouTube, Robert Oberst’s physique & Strongman talk 01:59:11
PKA 537 The absurd calorie-dense diets of strongmen and fitness gurus 02:05:01
PKA 537 Stoner snacks and Kyle’s terrifying experience of experimenting with mushrooms 02:08:57
PKA 537 Taylor’s emergency bathroom trip at his girlfriend’s house that got MESSY 02:19:27
PKA 537 The time Taylor went to a College teacher’s party and let out a VERY loud fart 02:23:08
PKA 537 Harley’s hilariously loud fart on a TV show set that all of his co-stars heard 02:25:00
PKA 537 Taylor’s experiences of desperately needing the bathroom while playing sports 02:27:48
PKA 537 Harley’s multi-use facial hair and the Australian school that banned mullets 02:32:18
PKA 537 Over-the-top lockdown measures and are “vaccination passports” too authoritarian? 02:35:22
PKA 537 The long term effects of 1+ year of global lockdown & Woody’s post-lockdown plans 02:44:52
PKA 537 Movie talk: AMC’s best hits & Kyle/Harley’s review of Godzilla vs Kong (spoilers) 02:49:12
PKA 537 Superman vs Batman: How their 1v1 actually plays out & why Superman is too OP 02:56:13
PKA 537 PKA reviews the Justice League Snyder Cut (mild spoilers) 03:11:30
PKA 537 How Casey Neistat changed YouTube & Woody’s upcoming US motorbike journey 03:19:08
PKA 537 Motorcycle talk: Woody’s bike, Kyle’s dream bike & why Harley Davidson sucks 03:23:19
PKA 537 More on Woody’s cross-US trip & how his CPAP machine saved his sleeping habits 03:40:16
PKA 537 Kyle’s copious consumption of water & waking up in the middle of the night to pee 03:43:59
PKA 537 Dog talk: Taylor & Harley’s cute pups, how dogs evolved over time & much more 03:50:47
PKA 537 If Woody was to get a new dog, would he get another Great Dane? 04:03:11