PKA 539

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 539 Brandon Herrera is finally on PKA and is a long time fan of the hosts! 00:00:09
PKA 539 PKA reacts to the Minnesota police officer who mistook her taser for her sidearm 00:02:45
PKA 539 The major problems with cop culture in the US: Improperly trained & over-equipped 00:14:01
PKA 539 The guys share their experiences with the police & how to communicate with an officer 00:28:18
PKA 539 Brandon’s love of the AK and why American AKs suck compared to European 00:38:53
PKA 539 PKA debates the best type of Girl Scout Cookies & what the Scouts do with the money 00:43:01
PKA 539 Kyle has been getting trolled IRL by a little 10 year old kid in his neighbourhood 00:49:20
PKA 539 Eddie Murphy’s lady of the night who became an internationally famous adult actress 00:52:50
PKA 539 TV show talk: Solar Opposites, Invincible, Disney Plus & The Marvel Universe 00:55:49
PKA 539 Woody and Kyle review the latest episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 01:07:18
PKA 539 How to improve the John Wick franchise: Make a prequel & less “Hollywood” gun-fu 01:09:48
PKA 539 Kyle and Brandon get nerdy over rifle talk: Brandon’s AK50, recoil, injuries & more 01:14:07
PKA 539 More TV show talk: The Tick, Family Guy x Simpsons crossovers & Mila Kunis’ career 01:26:02
PKA 539 Leonardo DiCaprio’s strict dating requirements & 7th Heaven’s sinful father 01:31:58
PKA 539 PKA talks It’s Always Sunny & Rick and Morty: New seasons, characters & more 01:35:35
PKA 539 What popular movie doesn’t deserve the praise it gets? (Avatar, Gone Girl, Napoleon) 01:40:27
PKA 539 Woody’s fancy blazer & Taylor talks wedding plans: Suits, BBQ food, venue and more 01:50:22
PKA 539 The time Joe Lauzon’s brother attacked Woody at Joe’s wedding & started a brawl 01:57:45
PKA 539 Brandon’s experience of drinking with (and being punched by) Chuck Liddell in Florida 02:05:06
PKA 539 Bas Rutten’s lethal liver strikes and what exactly is the function of the liver? 02:07:06
PKA 539 Ad reads: Express VPN & Lucy 02:09:50
PKA 539 America’s anti-tobacco policies & the failure that was the war on illicit substances 02:14:44
PKA 539 Was America just as bad (if not worse) as Germany/Japan between 1939-45? 02:17:58
PKA 539 Woody’s fitness progress, Brandon’s home gym setup & handstand pushups 02:28:16
PKA 539 Brandon and Woody discuss motorbikes & Woody’s feminine fluffy bike seat 02:40:08
PKA 539 The show restarts after a minor hitch & the mental drain that is doing a 4-hour podcast 02:43:46
PKA 539 Which fictional/fantasy religions do the guys wish were real? 02:46:30
PKA 539 Daniel Day Lewis the Squirrel King & the time Taylor ate an acorn with his friend 02:52:53
PKA 539 Kyle explains how he changes his accent/dialect when talking to black people 02:56:10
PKA 539 PKA’s thoughts on Biden’s 6 anti-2A Executive Orders, the ATF & FBI’s mess ups 03:00:43
PKA 539 Brandon’s video about 1930s Germany that YouTube removed for “hate speech” 03:11:30
PKA 539 Cool German spiked helmets & ridiculous full-body Russian bear suits 03:13:50
PKA 539 PKA predicts the outcome of Jake Paul versus Ben Askren’s boxing match 03:20:00
PKA 539 Brandon’s plans to go on an alligator hunt with UFC star Jon Jones 03:24:57
PKA 539 If the UFC allowed PEDs & the “Goldilocks region” of body fat percentage 03:28:58
PKA 539 Dogecoin is soaring to the moon! Do the guys wish they had invested? 03:36:15
PKA 539 Brandon, Woody and Kyle talk Escape From Tarkov: Skill gap, streamers & more 03:40:37
PKA 539 Kyle’s love of Rust and more Tarkov talk (strategies/grinding etc) 03:47:54
PKA 539 Woody talks about his cross-US motorcycle trip, protein snacks & his biker buddy 03:55:47
PKA 539 Brandon’s sustained hand injury & Taylor’s grandad and his love of bull riding 04:01:43
PKA 539 Why the olden day actually SUCKED and today is the best time to be alive 04:04:31
PKA 539 Would Taylor’s brain be larger than the brain of a T-rex and the other hosts? 04:07:28