PKA 540

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 540 PKA reacts to EDP445 being fully exposed for hitting up VERY young girls 00:00:10
PKA 540 Video: EDP gets confronted in person for trying to meet a 13 year old girl 00:07:05
PKA 540 The guys react to some of EDP’s text messages & all the drama surrounding it 00:27:34
PKA 540 Video: EDP445 responds to the allegations in the least convincing way possible 00:37:47
PKA 540 EDP’s absolutely awful genetics & his multiple creepy allegations with young girls 00:45:24
PKA 540 How would the world react if Bigfoot was proven to exist? 00:51:22
PKA 540 The unfortunate life of a blobfish & the non-consensual activities of dolphins 00:56:20
PKA 540 The contraceptive method that require 4 hands to open & more on the EDP story 01:03:25
PKA 540 Ohio police officer fatally fires on 16 year old girl with a knife - Good cop or bad? 01:09:51
PKA 540 Technical difficulties cause a podcast restart, Ad reads: SmartMouth & Blue 01:17:00
PKA 540 Being a father to 10 kids, IVF & PKA’s EXTREME late-term pregnancy terminations 01:20:47
PKA 540 The effects of a bad family life on troubled teenagers & kids with super rich parents 01:24:23
PKA 540 Goldenboy bonds with the guys over Lord of the Rings, Rust & Tarkov talk 01:35:45
PKA 540 Movie talk: Mortal Kombat, The IP man & rewriting The Avengers for a better ending 01:45:05
PKA 540 Why DC movies suck, how to improve Justice League & Henry Cavill’s physique 01:50:37
PKA 540 TV show talk: The Witcher, Battlestar Galactica & Star Trek (moderate spoilers) 01:57:48
PKA 540 PKA reacts to Jake Paul vs Ben Askren’s boxing match & Jake Paul’s next opponent 02:11:10
PKA 540 Goldenboy’s love of professional wrestling & his work with AEW wrestling 02:25:06
PKA 540 The tragic lives of WWE legends Andre the Giant, Yokozuna & Owen Hart 02:31:06
PKA 540 New Hampshire man causes gender reveal ruckus with 100lbs of incendiaries 02:41:58
PKA 540 Kyle’s FPSRussia video that caused his cousin a significant leg injury 02:44:29
PKA 540 Should Washington DC be granted Statehood? What about Puerto Rico? 02:47:41
PKA 540 Do the world’s best eSports players have a successful dating life? 03:03:12
PKA 540 Professional eaters & is Chris Evans’ physique impressive or overrated? 03:07:32
PKA 540 The Rock’s outrageous physique & Jocko Willink’s motivational life advice 03:18:49
PKA 540 How to get out of work early if you’re trans or have bowel movement problems 03:23:37
PKA 540 Kyle and Taylor’s Whitecastle woes & Kyle’s favourite cooking YouTube channels 03:27:05
PKA 540 Binging with Babish’s insane wealth & his ingenious brand integration techniques 03:36:23
PKA 540 Virginia’s legalisation of weed and where exactly is “the south” in the US? 03:41:39
PKA 540 Why you need to be careful about which historical artifacts you own 03:49:10
PKA 540 The K/D winners/losers of each faction between 1939-45 & Band of Brothers talk 03:51:55
PKA 540 TV’s best villains: Captain Sobel, Geoffrey Baratheon, Ramsay Bolton 03:57:46
PKA 540 Sports talk: Taylor’s Blues blues, Woody & Kyle’s $5 wager on Askren vs Jake Paul 03:59:41
PKA 540 Kyle and Woody’s hype for UFC 261’s “Superbowl” card - 3 major title bouts! 04:03:14