PKA 550

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 550 Matt Farah’s incredibly successful car storage enterprise 00:00:10
PKA 550 Friends’ reunion show & how the show’s cast have aged wildly differently 00:02:28
PKA 550 How cell phones ruined Seinfeld & It’s Always Sunny/TV show talk 00:06:25
PKA 550 TV show/movie filming locations, Hollywood tax breaks & Law and Order: SVU 00:14:00
PKA 550 Woody and Matt talk motorcycles and Woody’s trans-American motorbike trip 00:27:47
PKA 550 Why Harley Motor Shops are super friendly & Woody’s hilarious raincoat story 00:38:13
PKA 550 Woody’s experience of travelling to the US’ most redneck towns 00:43:14
PKA 550 Matt’s lifetime weed sponsorship & Kyle’s Colorado post-probation plans 00:45:46
PKA 550 Medieval combat & the effectiveness of steel armor 00:53:41
PKA 550 Kyle’s plans to buy a motorbike & more on Woody’s trans-American bike trip 00:59:00
PKA 550 Taylor’s colossal, calorific cured ham (acquired from Kyle) 01:08:30
PKA 550 Matt explains why 3-wheeled motor-tricycles are TERRIBLE to drive 01:11:49
PKA 550 Woody and Matt get nerd-out over motorbike talk: trails, equipment & A/C 01:18:53
PKA 550 Scam subscription services & “product as a service” technology trends 01:27:35
PKA 550 More on Kyle’s motorbike purchasing plans, Matt weighs in with expert advice 01:35:23
PKA 550 PKA investigates /r/HomeGym, DIY workouts gone wrong! 01:47:19
PKA 550 Matt thanks the guys and leaves the show 01:56:18
PKA 550 Ad reads: Lucy, Smartmouth & Blue 01:57:13
PKA 550 Taylor goes full nerd mode over Magic The Gathering & Lord of the Rings cards 02:01:14
PKA 550 Book talk: The Stormlight Archive, Hyperion & Kingkiller Chronicle 02:04:33
PKA 550 Kyle and Woody talk Marvel’s Loki TV show (spoilers) 02:12:10
PKA 550 PKA reacts to Bill Cosby being released from prison after 3 years 02:21:17
PKA 550 Woody calls his hotel office for blankets, only to realise they’re in his room 02:26:50
PKA 550 PKA reacts to Britney Spears being denied her request for legal independence 02:30:24
PKA 550 Trump Hotels & the fanciest hotel suites Kyle has ever stayed in 02:35:45
PKA 550 Vegas, cruise ships and casinos - Where could PKA go on an adventure? 02:41:42
PKA 550 Woody’s plans to visit Mount Rushmore & why he HATES the State of Idaho 02:49:35
PKA 550 Why are mass graves being found across old Canadian churches? 02:59:30
PKA 550 The guys reminisce on Halo/CoD, trickshotting & YouTube montages 03:01:18
PKA 550 Why is LA full of homeless people and how can the situation be remedied? 03:13:02
PKA 550 Prison’s craziest criminals & getting Shaun Attwood back on PKA 03:18:44
PKA 550 Jeffrey Epstein’s island & establishing a true Church of Kyle for $25,000 03:21:12
PKA 550 Taylor explains why Asian players are the most toxic in Magic: The Gathering 03:25:25
PKA 550 More CoD nostalgia talk: Commentators, HD PVRs, OpTic vs EnVy & more 03:29:03
PKA 550 Neckbeard nests & Taylor/Woody’s household chore division of labour routines 03:42:38
PKA 550 If the guys were forced to rename the podcast, what would they call it? 03:47:55
PKA 550 PKA vs WingsOfRedemption & the early days of PKA/podcasting 03:51:48
PKA 550 Why feral pig experts are more interesting to talk to than Quentin Tarentino 03:59:15
PKA 550 The guys call it a show 04:10:09