PKA 562

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 562 Hot tub Twitch streamers, booty discharger & women with bladder issues 00:00:09
PKA 562 Here’s why going to the bathroom in the shower isn’t that bad 00:10:55
PKA 562 The time Kyle got with a lady-for-hire during her time of the month 00:14:41
PKA 562 Is it worse to be in a 1v1 against a person with a knife or piece? 00:18:08
PKA 562 Why Burger King stopped selling crowns & PKA’s fast food tier list 00:22:20
PKA 562 PKA debates the best fast food chicken sandwiches & spicy food 00:25:58
PKA 562 Taylor’s Jamaican roast & the strangest mall in Gwinnett Place, Georgia 00:31:41
PKA 562 Why Josh’s brothers used to spit on him & fart in his mouth as a kid 00:33:45
PKA 562 The guys swap stories of sister scraps and brawls with brothers 00:37:32
PKA 562 Kyle explains how he almost passed away twice in one night as a teen 00:46:08
PKA 562 Woody, Taylor and Josh share stories near-fatal experiences & skinny dipping 00:50:05
PKA 562 Josh’s experience of lifting up a man’s kilt and finding out what’s underneath! 00:56:20
PKA 562 PKA investigates utility kilts, a must-have for all DIY Scotsmen! 01:01:07
PKA 562 Kyle’s plans to take a 1000mg edible LIVE on PKA in Colorado 01:04:48
PKA 562 Josh’s experience with microdosing, mushrooms & seeing elves whilst on DMT 01:10:02
PKA 562 The science behind getting high, vape pens & how to best enjoy a trip 01:20:59
PKA 562 Kyle’s sensory deprivation tank experience & more microdosing talk 01:28:20
PKA 562 Josh opens up on the tough life of a comedian & the times he almost quit 01:33:28
PKA 562 As a comic, Is it better to be respected by the crowd or fellow comedians? 01:45:25
PKA 562 Kyle’s plans to move States next month & Josh’s city-hopping lifestyle 01:48:30
PKA 562 Josh and Kyle discuss longevity in comedy, dedication & the comic lifestyle 01:50:59
PKA 562 PKA checks out r/BanPitbulls & why pitbulls are the worst dogs EVER 02:01:33
PKA 562 Josh shouts out his upcoming tour dates & leaves the show 02:11:35
PKA 562 Ad reads: Express VPN & Blue 02:17:35
PKA 562 Gabby Pitito, Missing White Woman Syndrome & social media detectives 02:20:45
PKA 562 The Simpsons, Norm McDonald and the downfall of oldschool boomer TV 02:32:06
PKA 562 Sports talk: Ben Simmons, College Football & NHL player trade charades 02:35:07
PKA 562 UFC 262 talk: Volkanovski vs Ortega, Diaz vs Lawler & BJ Penn’s career 02:46:08
PKA 562 Conor McGregor vs MGK and his TERRIBLE baseball pitch 02:58:35
PKA 562 Presidential baseball pitches, getting punched by a POTUS & more 03:01:57
PKA 562 Patreon AMA: Would the guys ever go Scuba/deep sea diving? 03:18:43
PKA 562 PKA talks archery: Compound vs recurve, practicing & more 03:24:35
PKA 562 Without YouTube, how would the guys’ careers/lives have panned out? 03:35:27
PKA 562 Cybertruck delays, Elon Musk’s failed promises & Starlink talk 03:50:07
PKA 562 Movie talk: The Many Saints of Newark, Dune & Jurassic Park 03:55:50
PKA 562 Why haven’t we travelled to the centre of the earth yet?? 04:03:56
PKA 562 Who wins: The Sun versus over a TRILLION lions? 04:06:54
PKA 562 The devastation of nuclear payloads & if the world became IRL Fallout 04:10:45
PKA 562 The Walking Dead talk: Spinoff movies, Ricktatorship & Terminus 04:16:22