PKA 576

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 576 Tavarish’s insane supercar collection & the pros/cons of the Lotus Elise 00:01:09
PKA 576 Car talk: The hosts’ favourite vehicles, Electric cars/trucks & rotary vehicles 00:06:25
PKA 576 The YouTube algorithm’s dark secrets & why dislikes were REALLY removed 00:16:03
PKA 576 Intercontinental motorbike adventures & flawed time travel logic 00:19:17
PKA 576 How the world would be VASTLY different if the internet was around in the 1940s 00:22:59
PKA 576 Doomsday icebergs, Waterworld & Kevin Costner’s best/worst movies of all time 00:28:44
PKA 576 Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot’s historical accuracy & cliche horror movie tropes 00:39:54
PKA 576 Tavarish explains how his Dominican dad met his Russian mom in the USSR 00:48:39
PKA 576 How many 8 year olds/blind kids could the guys take down at once? 00:57:28
PKA 576 Diego Sanchez is STILL running from Kyle’s boxing match challenge 01:02:45
PKA 576 Why EDP445 is now in prison and how he ruined his own life 01:04:23
PKA 576 PKA reacts to Ghislane Maxwell’s guilty verdict & talks “conspiracy” theories 01:11:46
PKA 576 The rise of Chomo accusations post-MeToo & Apple’s “child protection” bill 01:17:18
PKA 576 More on Ghislane Maxwell & the toxic polarisation of modern US politics 01:22:46
PKA 576 The scary side of Social Media & Taylor’s newfound rubix cube hobby 01:35:18
PKA 576 Richard Ryan joins the show! (Also: How to find “friends” using dating apps) 01:47:03
PKA 576 Crossfit communities, home gyms & being an introvert vs extravert 01:53:06
PKA 576 Gym motivation, Kyle’s insane fitness progress & his plans to get even BIGGER 01:59:59
PKA 576 Ad reads: Lucy & Blue 02:17:21
PKA 576 Richard Ryan & Tavarish briefly talk SEMA car shows & Tesla controversies 02:22:07
PKA 576 Video: 100% totally legit doctor testifies to Lock and Load’s efficacy 02:24:29
PKA 576 Tavarish explains why he doesn’t sell the cars that he remodels for YouTube 02:30:21
PKA 576 How FPSRussia learned his accent by modelling a Soviet soldier co-worker 02:36:18
PKA 576 The time Woody saved a Japanese man’s life during his lifeguard days 02:42:04
PKA 576 Why being charitable is a cursed chalice & Richard/Tavarish charity experiences 02:50:31
PKA 576 Woody’s “Was I a douchebag?” story & the time he tried to pay it forward 02:59:27
PKA 576 Richard’s Black rifle coffee drama & Richard’s “reluctant narcissist” personality 03:05:32
PKA 576 TV show/movie talk: The Hobbit & South Park/It’s Always Sunny’s downfalls 03:10:14
PKA 576 More TV show talk: The Witcher, Game of Thrones & shows that go on too long 03:24:53
PKA 576 Why Ozark is AMAZING & the insane popularity of Yellowstone (TV show) 03:34:48
PKA 576 TV/movies with unrealistic SFX & Keanu Reeve’s impressive athleticism 03:46:19
PKA 576 Kyle’s Belgian malinois, Dak, that DESPISES him & his plans to get a new dog 03:54:02
PKA 576 PKA debates Richard Ryan on the utility of NFTs - Swindle or serviceable? 04:00:47