PKA 589

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 589 PKA reacts to Harley’s upcoming YouTube boxing match against Egoraptor 00:00:25
PKA 589 Is this redditor in the wrong for wanting a male massage therapist? 00:05:19
PKA 589 Was UFC star Chael Sonnen right to go on an ambien-fuelled hotel rampage? 00:11:27
PKA 589 The Tsarnaev brothers, internal condoms & Catholics vs contraception 00:19:41
PKA 589 Is this redditor in the wrong for going home when his wife was giving birth? 00:27:03
PKA 589 Should PKA get Sam Hyde as a guest? How would they handle him? 00:42:48
PKA 589 Working with difficult podcast guests & why you should go to a Trump rally 00:46:37
PKA 589 New York’s nastiest fatalities & unpredictable life events that change you forever 00:51:35
PKA 589 Hypothetical Single Woody and old-time slang for “getting lucky” 00:54:52
PKA 589 The time Woody quit his programming job to become an author 00:58:04
PKA 589 Should Kyle learn how to code or play the piano? (plus Bo Burnham talk) 00:59:30
PKA 589 Bo Burnham, Rodney Carrington and Woody’s fake rock band 01:04:13
PKA 589 Oil price hikes and Kyle’s upcoming vacation plans (where should he go?) 01:09:56
PKA 589 Do certain ethnicities taste better than others? And how to get rid of BO 01:17:04
PKA 589 PKA’s experiences with taking failed piano lessons as children 01:25:18
PKA 589 Kyle’s special-ed field trip & why janitors don’t deserve to be disrespected 01:27:39
PKA 589 Kyle’s childhood experiences of horse camp, church camp & male cheerleaders 01:34:42
PKA 589 Harley joins the show and explains why he decided to box Egoraptor! 01:43:20
PKA 589 Harley’s training regime & his experience of training with Sam Hyde 01:49:06
PKA 589 Why Indian people taste best according to Harley & eating dogs vs eating people 02:03:31
PKA 589 Ad reads: Lucy & Blue 02:09:10
PKA 589 Make Taylor’s grandma proud - Get your PKA Lock and Load supplement NOW! 02:12:24
PKA 589 Harley goes into more hilarious detail on his boxing training with Sam Hyde 02:14:57
PKA 589 Why Harley wants to box Dr Disrespect & more Sam Hyde training talk 02:26:51
PKA 589 Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington & why Jon Jones is a blubbering baby 02:37:17
PKA 589 More on Sam Hyde training (Should PKA do an IRL show at Harley’s fight?) 02:39:56
PKA 589 Harley’s boxing ring gear, his walkout music & Sam Hyde vs IDubbz 02:43:14
PKA 589 PKA reacts to IDubbz’ Content Cop series & how Harley helped make one 02:57:30
PKA 589 How will Harley handle Sam Hyde’s insane personality during training? 03:02:18
PKA 589 Sci Fi talk: Spin (novel), Ad Astra & Kyle nerds out over Star Trek 03:05:35
PKA 589 Will Amazon’s Lord of The Rings flop? Would Dumbledore beat Gandalf? 03:27:01
PKA 589 Kyle and Harley discuss the newly released Halo TV series 03:33:07
PKA 589 Gaming talk: Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer: Darktide & VR gaming 03:40:29
PKA 589 More gaming talk: Graphics card shortages, Ultra HD performance & more 03:53:41
PKA 589 Escape From Tarkov talk: Reaching max level, Kappa & being a petty loser 03:58:56
PKA 589 Harley shouts out his boxing event, the guys call it a show 04:06:10