PKA 591

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 591 Wolf’s gray goatee and how Wolf’s heartbreaking divorce changed his life 00:00:12
PKA 591 Why it’s important to live for yourself & how Wolf and his ex-wife get along now 00:10:02
PKA 591 What is a racoon’s age? And Wolf’s experience of being racially discriminated 00:15:54
PKA 591 Gaming talk: CoD lobby trash talking, Tarkov VOIP, GPU price gouging & more 00:23:50
PKA 591 TV show/movie talk: Halo, Judge Dredd, Wesley Snipes & Unbreakable 00:34:15
PKA 591 Kyle’s obsession with blind Masterchef, Gordon Ramsay & tipping culture 00:46:37
PKA 591 Are F1 drivers the most privileged athletes in the world? PKA debates 00:50:28
PKA 591 Anthony Cumia joins the sho, washing down a White Claw w/ Tucker Carlson 00:57:43
PKA 591 Kyle’s Fox News uncle, secret White House battles & conspiracy crazies 01:03:13
PKA 591 Why Wolf would be a Trump rally superstar & Sam Jackson’s role in Django 01:05:57
PKA 591 Anthony & Wolf’s political views, a woman’s right to choose & more 01:11:28
PKA 591 Second amendment talk: Canada vs USA, New York & black vs white culture 01:17:13
PKA 591 Is it possible to mend relations between black Americans and the Police? 01:32:55
PKA 591 Kyle’s favorite Police YouTube channel & the controversial Kenosha trial 01:46:48
PKA 591 Woody shows off his INCREDIBLE calves & genetically modified Asian babies 01:51:36
PKA 591 Movie talk: Star Trek, Lord of The Rings & why The Hobbit sucked 01:55:24
PKA 591 Wolf’s kids, why getting old sucks & Kyle’s horrifying eye cancer surgery story 01:59:17
PKA 591 Ad reads: Lucy & Lock and Load 02:07:37
PKA 591 Is this 21-year-old PKA Patreon too hot for EVERY woman in New Zealand? 02:13:02
PKA 591 Should this PKA Patron with a pregnant wife prepare for a celibate 9 months? 02:18:26
PKA 591 Woody’s wife’s motorbike accident & Woody’s adrenaline-chasing hobbies 02:29:58
PKA 591 The time Kyle and Woody went over 130mph and nearly got caught speeding 02:35:51
PKA 591 Where were the PKA guys in life during Operation Shock and Awe, 2003? 02:41:04
PKA 591 Stolen valor, Chris Hansen & the funniest clips from To Catch a Predator 02:47:56
PKA 591 What should this Patron do about a girl who doesn’t want to date “anyone”? 02:59:14
PKA 591 What superpower do the guys wish their partners had in the bedroom? 03:04:21
PKA 591 Politics talk: Ukraine, Trump, Biden & was Trump’s border wall bigoted? 03:07:13
PKA 591 Should statues that “praise” darker sides of history be removed? PKA debates 03:16:43
PKA 591 Unorthodox adult magazines & why black stereotypes exist in adult movies 03:27:15
PKA 591 The Revenge of the Nerds’ scene that aged horribly & the 80s AIDS pandemic 03:35:00
PKA 591 More Police Activity YouTube talk & how to use a baby as a lethal weapon 03:46:55
PKA 591 PKA reacts to the craziest footage from the Russia-Ukraine conflict 03:52:14
PKA 591 Kyle explains why a gym injury caused Taylor to miss this week’s PKA 03:56:13
PKA 591 PKA reacts to an INSANE clip of a monkey ripping the scalp off a man 03:58:28
PKA 591 Kyle’s experience of playing with pet wolves, monkeys & lynxes in Texas 04:07:36
PKA 591 Why SitComs and relationships are ruined by the invention of the smartphone 04:13:53
PKA 591 Anthony and Wolf shout out their social medias, the guys call it a show 04:17:48