PKA 595

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 595 Woody got a new haircut from another black barber and it’s hilarious 00:01:21
PKA 595 Paramotor injuries, shady Santa Claus & how to lose a finger in the sky 00:06:45
PKA 595 Wendigoon’s homeless head infection story & dentistry disaster 00:13:38
PKA 595 PKA tries to solve the mystery of the Kamar Duban mountain tragedy 00:22:28
PKA 595 Project Bluebook, jet fuel vs steel beams & the skinwalker conspiracy 00:40:09
PKA 595 Technological mysteries, the curse of King Tut’s tomb & medieval maladies 00:45:18
PKA 595 PKA reacts to the Alabama prisoner who escaped with his lover-guard 00:54:46
PKA 595 PKA reacts to the best vigilante justice meme videos on the internet 00:59:37
PKA 595 Midget convention, biggers & UK farmer gets revenge on drunk invaders! 01:07:30
PKA 595 Woody wants to buy a Bobcat - how much will it set him back? 01:13:13
PKA 595 PKA debates Waco: Ruby Rich, FBI cover-ups & Wendigoon’s videos 01:18:38
PKA 595 The guys react to KSI’s INSANE cryptocurrency losses 01:27:12
PKA 595 PKA guest Harley’s upcoming boxing match & Sam Hyde vs Boogie2988 01:34:49
PKA 595 Sigma males, red, blue and black pills: PKA learns new internet terminology 01:43:58
PKA 595 Laughing at Woody’s hair & how to make yourself an 8/10 (the white pill) 01:57:03
PKA 595 The curious case of conjoined twins Abby & how to copulate 02:02:00
PKA 595 Ad reads: GOAT & ExpressVPN 02:14:17
PKA 595 Get your Lock and Load NOW (plus Kyle’s secret genius idea) 02:17:09
PKA 595 Kyle’s home gym plans and the ABSURD housing market inflation crisis 02:22:31
PKA 595 Hockey talk: Will this year be successful for Taylor’s St Louis Blues? 02:29:54
PKA 595 PKA debates the leaked SCOTUS draft to overturn Roe vs Wade 02:39:14
PKA 595 Woody’s injury prone paramotor pal & Wendigoon’s new 50. Cal toy 02:47:52
PKA 595 If FPSRussia volunteer in Ukraine & FPSRussia’s beef with Philip DeFranco 02:58:40
PKA 595 Historical combat conspiracies & does Taylor secretly own the St Louis Blues? 03:04:46
PKA 595 Kyle’s billionaire buddy in Texas & why Kyle hates New Orleans 03:09:33
PKA 595 Is there a reason why black people don’t like the beach? PKA investigates 03:13:10
PKA 595 The time Wendigoon’s taught kids about 1930s Germany in Bible school 03:18:30
PKA 595 Embracing baldness, PKA hairlines & Taylor’s Superman cosplay haircut 03:22:37
PKA 595 Wendigoon’s family’s historic involvement in bootlegging & NASCAR 03:27:28
PKA 595 Is Formula 1’s inherent unfairness a good thing or does it make it boring? 03:35:28
PKA 595 Wendigoon’s hilarious interaction with a PKA fan at a YouTube debate 03:42:01
PKA 595 PKA reacts to Dave Chappelle being JUMPED on stage by a “fan” 03:46:17
PKA 595 Here’s why an oldschool uniform could make the US President so much cooler 03:51:06
PKA 595 Wendigoon’s night vision blindness & why Woody can’t paramotor at night 03:56:53
PKA 595 The guys call it a show 04:02:20