PKA 605

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 605 BlameTruth’s got banned from Discord for trolling WingsOfRedemption?! 00:01:18
PKA 605 Should you be mad at plus-sized people who sit next to you on airlines? 00:08:58
PKA 605 Wings’ New York Times article & should PKA make a Wings documentary? 00:12:07
PKA 605 Taylor’s terrifying horror story - Spiders in his contact lenses 00:18:51
PKA 605 PKA’s morbid curiosities: Dam collapses, tsunamis & morgue school trips 00:25:18
PKA 605 Haunted houses, Six Flags & Aquariums - PKA’s favorite school trips 00:36:20
PKA 605 Why Taylor & Harley almost ended up in the Special Education classes 00:40:15
PKA 605 BlameTruth demonstrates his hilarious pterodactyl screech 00:45:07
PKA 605 PKA’s weirdest high school kids & the PKA fan with a shady private life 00:49:13
PKA 605 Everything, Everywhere All At Once & movies that changed PKA’s lives 00:55:25
PKA 605 Harley’s hilarious duels with movie-goers to secure the best seat in the house 01:03:12
PKA 605 Movie talk: Crimes of the Future, The Northman & Thor’s weak calves 01:13:42
PKA 605 Unrealistic Hollywood body types & how Kyle/Harley lost weight correctly 01:21:10
PKA 605 Here’s why giving up alcohol and soda will improve your health overnight 01:29:36
PKA 605 Cheesebites, poutine fries & fried chicken - PKA’s favorite cheat snacks 01:36:48
PKA 605 BlameTruth’s insane new body & why accountability buddies are important 01:43:57
PKA 605 Elon Musk’s beach dadbod, Chris Benoit’s demise & Limitless 01:52:16
PKA 605 Movie talk: Jake Gyllenhall vs Tom Hardy & the true story of The Revenant 01:56:35
PKA 605 Ad reads: BetterHelp, Gummy Bears/Wonky Weeds & Lock and Load 02:03:44
PKA 605 Native American scalping, coup sticks & summoning demons 02:11:23
PKA 605 What TV series do they show in Hell? Are dogs allowed in Heaven? 02:23:02
PKA 605 Why enabling cheats in GTA ruins the fun of the game (GTA nostalgia talk) 02:27:01
PKA 605 Fallout, Max Payne and Tomb Raider: When video games go Hollywood 02:34:33
PKA 605 Why Paramount’s Halo series SUCKS and ruined Masterchief 02:37:44
PKA 605 The guys nerd out over Skyrim, Borderlands & Tiny Tina (gaming talk) 02:40:57
PKA 605 Why Kyle is excited for Sons of the Forest & Warhammer 40: Darktide 02:56:56
PKA 605 Harley & Taylor’s hilarious experiences playing tabletop roleplay games 02:59:40
PKA 605 Why BlameTruth dislikes Star Wars & Kyle hates Pirates of The Caribbean 03:12:38
PKA 605 The time had a dinner with Johnny Depp’s sister at his mansion 03:15:32
PKA 605 BlameTruth’s mom is a SEVERE hoarder - What should he do? 03:20:59
PKA 605 The REAL reason why the ex-Japanese PM was eliminated 03:42:21
PKA 605 Who will be the next US President? Trump 2024? PKA debates 03:44:29
PKA 605 Did we enter an alternate timeline in the parallel universe in 2008? 03:52:45
PKA 605 Harley & BlameTruth send a message to Woody in his absence 03:59:27
PKA 605 The guys call it a show 04:01:26