PKA 624

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 624 Kanye West is so crazy that even Alex Jones looks sane next to him 00:00:19
PKA 624 How to not get canceled as a celebrity (ft. Kevin Spacey & Chris Brown) 00:14:46
PKA 624 More on Kanye’s craziness:, Donald Trump & 1930s Germany 00:18:48
PKA 624 Kyle’s new gaming PC, Darktide talk & the wild world of Warhammer 00:24:52
PKA 624 High stakes poker strategies & Taylor’s truly terrible hockey luck 00:32:06
PKA 624 Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton’s suspiciously lucky stock trading 00:38:09
PKA 624 Trump’s 2024 Campaign, Ron DeSantis & Biden’s second term?? 00:40:46
PKA 624 Woody’s special delivery & Kyle’s computer shipping shenanigans 00:49:45
PKA 624 Kyle is EXTREMELY disappointed by the release of Darktide 00:56:53
PKA 624 PKA reacts to the Liver King being EXPOSED for using steroids 01:09:16
PKA 624 Taylor’s caffeine overdrive and more on Kyle’s new gaming PC 01:30:00
PKA 624 TV show talk: Better Call Saul, Bill Burr and The Mandalorian 01:35:47
PKA 624 Star Trek talk: Wrath of Khan, Brave New Worlds & much more 01:45:37
PKA 624 Ad reads: Lock and Load & Blue 01:53:37
PKA 624 Tucker joins the show and gives his take on the Kanye scandal 01:58:04
PKA 624 PKA reacts to Balenciaga’s *disturbing* child indecency photoshoot 02:00:38
PKA 624 Hollywood’s coolest Easter Eggs & the tragic life story of Bobby Lee 02:09:27
PKA 624 Algorithms, YouTube Shorts, content life hacks & Twitter monetization 02:18:18
PKA 624 America’s lawnmower dynasties & the best dirty plays in sports history 02:27:56
PKA 624 World cup talk: USA, Iran, Qatar & Tucker’s thoughts on diving 02:35:06
PKA 624 PKA talks baseball: Useless umpires, rule changes & neverending games 02:48:31
PKA 624 NFL Playoff picks, hockey talk & when bad weather = better sports 02:57:46
PKA 624 The Good Ol’ Boy who graduated from Militia school (hilarious) 03:03:57
PKA 624 Grisly machine injuries & why climbing towers is the scariest job on earth 03:11:54
PKA 624 Would Woody ever go BASE jumping or is it too dangerous to try? 03:18:47
PKA 624 Is Tom Cruise really about to do a NASA space walk?!? 03:27:10
PKA 624 Would the PKA guys ever go to outer space if given the choice? 03:33:30
PKA 624 PKA debates: What will happen to Kanye after his many controversies? 03:37:36
PKA 624 Aaron Hernandez, Antonio Brown & the biggest scandals in the NFL 03:47:41
PKA 624 Ben Askren’s brutal KO & horrifying hockey throat- slash injuries 03:54:07
PKA 624 National Lampoon’s Vacation, Elf, & PKA’s favorite Christmas movies 03:57:35
PKA 624 The guys call it a show 04:01:35