PKA 634

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 634 PKA reacts to the controversial release of the new Hogwarts RPG 00:00:09
PKA 634 RIP Dobby the house elf & why time travel is the most OP superpower 00:12:21
PKA 634 Is time travel theoretically possible? (PKA investigates time dilation!) 00:18:14
PKA 634 ChatGPT and why the future of artificial intelligence could be terrifying.. 00:25:11
PKA 634 How the wonders of voice AI are coming to Conway, South Carolina… 00:37:41
PKA 634 Kyle’s sacred scroll & Satanic infant sacrifices are REAL?! 00:39:57
PKA 634 Movie talk: Hearts in Atlantis & Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher 00:48:37
PKA 634 Was the Turkish earthquake caused by the US?! (Kyle’s conspiracy) 00:54:06
PKA 634 The Chinese weather balloon was a secret EMP device?! 00:59:04
PKA 634 Why Dana White’s slapping contest needs a female edition 01:03:03
PKA 634 Here’s why World’s Strongest Man competitions are BS 01:08:58
PKA 634 How the Mormon Church founder got trolled in 1843 (ft. Big Love talk) 01:11:08
PKA 634 Mad Mormon traditions & why Richard Ryan is TOO nice of a person 01:18:00
PKA 634 PKA discusses The Last of Us series (Is it starting to fall off..?) 01:22:17
PKA 634 Bruce thanks the guys and leaves the show 01:26:40
PKA 634 PKA debates gender roles in home defense, sandwiches & firefighting 01:27:20
PKA 634 Woody’s wall sit-superpower, grip strength and carnival scams 01:37:58
PKA 634 Sports talk: NBA draft picks/injuries, Superbowl hype & NHL picks 01:43:28
PKA 634 The Indo-China melee brawl & why English Royal Guard’s are no joke! 01:51:31
PKA 634 Why this Tik Tok trend is making gym-going as a guy impossible.. 01:58:22
PKA 634 Woody’s HIGH-T long-con gym prank on Jackie 02:01:41
PKA 634 Kyle’s experience with dating an exotic dancer with MAN hands 02:04:14
PKA 634 Will Smith, body doubles & Jonah Hill’s TRAGIC fake CGI kiss 02:07:35
PKA 634 Kyle discusses moving homes, leaving Atlanta & renting woes 02:14:50
PKA 634 Ad reads: Real DBG, Lock and Load & Blue 02:20:49
PKA 634 PKA makes Superbowl predictions - Is Patrick Mahomes the GOAT? 02:25:20
PKA 634 Taylor’s Age of Empire duel’s versus PKA fans are getting harder.. 02:27:15
PKA 634 Why Adam Driver’s new dinosaur movie (65) has Kyle intrigued 02:33:36
PKA 634 Why are women sending their used t*mpons to Ron DeSantis?! 02:37:30
PKA 634 Social media misinformation & more on the dangers of ChatGPT 02:41:21
PKA 634 Why the US Armed Forces aren’t as high-tech as you might think… 02:48:02
PKA 634 Sm*king at gas stations DEBUNKED & Woody’s illegal laser pointer?! 02:51:57
PKA 634 Kyle and Woody discuss The Walking D**d’s best/worst moments 02:57:19
PKA 634 Watching The Office with deleted scenes is like a whole new show! 03:06:42
PKA 634 How Woody formed a bromance over a broken motorbike engine 03:10:26
PKA 634 Woody and his wife are about to build a custom saltwater reef tank! 03:17:43
PKA 634 Kyle’s adorable dogs & why he’d rather be a petowner than an uncle 03:26:57
PKA 634 TV show talk: Yellowstone, binge-watching & HBO’s “Banshee” 03:31:14
PKA 634 UFC talk: Volkanovski vs Makhachev, McGregor vs Chandler & more 03:39:40
PKA 634 PKA reacts to Joe Biden’s 2023 State of the Union address 03:51:42
PKA 634 PKA reminisces on their school lunch meals (Square pizza & salad bars) 04:01:10
PKA 634 Kyle calls out Taylor for not eating an onion live on PKA! 04:04:50
PKA 634 The guys call it a show 04:07:25