PKA 641

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 641 Ed’s 4-seater Ferrari, Formula 1 tech & Woody’s airbag accident 00:00:12
PKA 641 Taylor’s hilarious bump & hungry hungry Chinese escalators 00:07:22
PKA 641 Kyle’s favorite videos of the week from the ‘Police Activity’ Channel 00:12:27
PKA 641 Ed talks racing cars as a tall guy & how Drive to Survive changed F1 forever 00:17:56
PKA 641 PKA’s INCREDIBLY powerful Laser pointers (lasik eye surgery needed?) 00:22:38
PKA 641 Tony Stewart, Geoff Gordon & motorsports’ worst accidents 00:27:25
PKA 641 Kyle and Taylor nerd out over RTS games & Warhammer 3 00:32:18
PKA 641 Woody’s weed experiences & the 2015 PKA Survival Trip 00:42:10
PKA 641 PKA’s experiences of home invasions that went awry 00:50:36
PKA 641 Ed’s 18-foot pet snake & why alligators have a valuable use on poultry farms 00:54:10
PKA 641 Ostrich eggs, raccoon milk & freeze-dried ice cream is GOATed 01:01:41
PKA 641 Lightsabers, blind spots and Kyle’s eyelid cancer survival story 01:07:20
PKA 641 The Cop who got disarmed by an EMT & the problem with rural US cops 01:14:24
PKA 641 Taylor’s Waco conspiracy theory & the ATF vs the Boston “anarchists” 01:23:56
PKA 641 Wings vs Boogie’s boxing match & Taylor vs OnlyUseMeBlade 01:30:04
PKA 641 The sad decline of Bam Margera & Taylor vs Blade in a boxing match?! 01:42:01
PKA 641 How and why has content creator boxing become so popular?! 01:45:32
PKA 641 Kyle’s PTSD dreams & why poppy seed bagels can land you in legal trouble 01:50:22
PKA 641 Why so many race tracks are broke & the legal loopholes of casino boats 01:53:03
PKA 641 Why Kyle is considering moving next to Taylor in good ol’ Missoura 01:59:33
PKA 641 Do you want to build a snowman? Yes, but not in the deep South! 02:02:13
PKA 641 Ad reads: Lock and Load, Real DBG & Blue 02:12:14
PKA 641 Does the car you drive affect the success of your love life? Ed weighs in 02:17:46
PKA 641 PKA and Ed compare their demographics - are there ANY female fans? 02:22:02
PKA 641 Woody and Jackie’s motorcycle adventures & accidents 02:24:21
PKA 641 Panther tattoo, Jackie and Woody’s avocados & Taylor’s onion forfeit 02:33:03
PKA 641 Burger King foot lettuce & the myth of eating spiders in your sleep 02:38:38
PKA 641 Who would win: 1 trillion lions versus the sun? PKA debates 02:42:23
PKA 641 Kyle reflects on the PKA Survival Trips (RIP Henrietta) 02:43:27
PKA 641 Woody’s paramotor aerobatic stunts & his rundown rescue boat 02:56:38
PKA 641 Ukraine talk: Land struggles, tanks & if FPSRussia returned in 2023 03:01:52
PKA 641 Taylor’s nerdy hobbies: Archery, baby making & beating kids in Magic 03:09:42
PKA 641 PKA’s unsuccessful attempts to bond with their dad over their hobbies 03:13:16
PKA 641 The internet is evil: Woody explains how social media ruined parenting 03:18:11
PKA 641 Papa Woody’s senior discount & why Obama ruined stealing valor 03:25:18
PKA 641 The US Space Force uniforms & why getting lost in space is TERRIFYING 03:28:13
PKA 641 Phrenology, IQ and the differences in intelligence between gender 03:33:24
PKA 641 Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniels, Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton 03:41:25
PKA 641 Movie talk: Top Gun Maverick, Total Recall & Tom Cruise is so HOT 03:51:22
PKA 641 Growing a beard in your teens & the genes that determine athletic ability 03:56:36
PKA 641 Why a knee transplant stopped Ed from going pro in basketball 04:01:25