PKA 659

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 659 Goldenboy’s good/bad experiences of working with G4 and MLG 00:00:13
PKA 659 Money in esports, DramaAlert origins & eSport’s biggest scandals 00:11:07
PKA 659 How Woody could’ve become an Olympic swimmer (more esports talk) 00:18:50
PKA 659 Electric unicycle salesmen, Segways & Kyle’s skateboard tank 00:26:19
PKA 659 Taylor’s lonely hockey training & the luxury life of an NFL kicker 00:31:59
PKA 659 Tiger Wood proves why “working harder” doesn’t always work out.. 00:36:16
PKA 659 Kyle’s wasp sting surprise & Taylor's secret beekeeping hobby 00:38:43
PKA 659 Taking care of wild snakes/rodents in your house the American way 00:45:41
PKA 659 How Kyle is trying to keep his dog artificially breathing with a big box 00:49:27
PKA 659 Adjusting to Colorado altitude & the upcoming blue SUPER moon 00:55:18
PKA 659 NASA’s new streaming service & why Hulu SUCKS as a platform 00:58:19
PKA 659 Kyle and Goldernboy nerd out over Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 01:03:05
PKA 659 PKA react to the OUTRAGEOUS Lizzo lawsuit + harassment claims 01:07:04
PKA 659 Why being a Taylor Swift lackey could be worth a cool $200k/year 01:14:12
PKA 659 The world’s top 10 richest artists & 50 Cent’s “VitaminWater” grift 01:17:43
PKA 659 Jack-in-the-Box’s E. coli kids & why Kyle will NEVER eat a salad again 01:25:09
PKA 659 Poisoned peanuts, Perdue chicken & why farmers markets are the GOAT 01:32:19
PKA 659 Kyle’s hilariously low tolerance to stomach aches & raw oysters.. 01:34:55
PKA 659 Tag team boxing & the GREATEST 9 YO boxing matchup of ALL time 01:46:01
PKA 659 West Virginia poverty, Detroit migration & Kyle’s love life with a junkie 01:50:05
PKA 659 The untrained Somalian woman who entered an international 100m race 01:54:32
PKA 659 If PKA had a surprise running competition… Who would win?! 01:57:25
PKA 659 Woody and Kyle talk rifle tracing and the “10,000 rounds” theory 01:59:34
PKA 659 Curiously scented candles & the world’s most easily-caught criminals 02:02:07
PKA 659 Ad reads: Pharoah Distro, Lock and Load & Blue 02:04:20
PKA 659 PKA reacts to Trump being indicted for his involvement in Jan 6th, 2022 02:11:07
PKA 659 Rudi Giuliani: From America’s mayor to America’s embarrassment? 02:33:11
PKA 659 Why Saddam Hussein and his family were comic book villain level BAD 02:37:35
PKA 659 Were the Spartans historical tough guys or is it all a movie myth? 02:40:54
PKA 659 Jon Jons or Brock Lesnar: Who should rep Earth in a 1v1 alien conflict? 02:44:33
PKA 659 The 24/7 movie set mischief of Arnold Schwarzeneggar & Jesse Ventura 02:48:14
PKA 659 MMA talk: Don’t mess with Mark Hunt, Alex Volkanowski or the Zuck! 02:51:20
PKA 659 More MMA talk: Sean Strickland, Derrick Lewis & why UFC isn't boxing 02:57:34
PKA 659 Goldenboy explains why he loves WWE and professional wrestling 03:04:24
PKA 659 Medieval Times: A lame dinner show or AWESOME PKA meet up spot? 03:09:02
PKA 659 The YouTube prankster with the booty cheeks of a GOD 03:12:42
PKA 659 Goldenboy shouts out his social medias and leaves the show 03:16:30
PKA 659 PKA reacts to F1NN5TER’s romantic interests & the Barbie movie 03:17:19
PKA 659 Here’s why you should NEVER steal cigs from a Sikh store clerk! 03:20:33
PKA 659 Kyle’s chicken farm shovel smacking & pre-prison p3do beatdown justice! 03:28:17
PKA 659 Taylor’s shady experiences of working as a rental car/insurance salesman 03:34:36
PKA 659 Politics talk: Ukrainian beach blasts & Majorie Taylor Green vs the Bidens 03:40:50
PKA 659 PKA’s encounters w/ nose candy & miracle weight loss pill (Ozempic) 03:49:38
PKA 659 Kyle’s extreme weight cut process & why UFC weight cuts are EASY 04:00:20
PKA 659 The guys call it a show 04:08:40