PKA 661

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 661 Josh’s father-son comedy duo & working with Larry the Cable Guy 00:00:29
PKA 661 Harley and Wolf’s hilarious drunken interaction on live TV 00:14:03
PKA 661 If the PKA crew were to swap roles for a week.. this would happen 00:25:23
PKA 661 This man’s dying wife wants to do it one last time… with her ex?! 00:27:26
PKA 661 If the guys had 10 months to live, what would they do? 00:35:14
PKA 661 Josh and the hilariously non-kosher Rabbi who married him 00:42:50
PKA 661 Why Kyle hates New Orleans and the French Canadian accent 00:44:39
PKA 661 New England’s many accents & the PKA Patreon’s biggest oddballs 00:48:10
PKA 661 PKA’s IRL experiences with midget’s & the Peter Dinklage dilemma 00:51:20
PKA 661 The Gary Oldman midget movie Hollywood DOESN’T want you to see.. 00:59:45
PKA 661 Bradley Cooper’s fake Jewish nose & the problem with Jewish athletes.. 01:04:30
PKA 661 Harley explains why there are no tall Jews after the 1940s 01:13:28
PKA 661 Tall Asians, Jackie Chan & Bobbi Lee’s craziest antics on O&A 01:16:15
PKA 661 Drift0r the professional clown joins the show as Josh leaves! 01:18:00
PKA 661 TV movie talk: Hijack, Billions & the Harley Quinn animated series 01:23:49
PKA 661 The guys nerd out over Baldur’s Gate 3 and D&D talk 01:29:40
PKA 661 The Terrifier movie series & Drift0r’s incredibly creepy clown makeup 01:46:25
PKA 661 Baldur’s Gate bear $-x and the disturbing scenes from The Toxic Avenger 01:51:39
PKA 661 How the Jewish community took over the law, media and.. Mars Bars 01:58:46
PKA 661 Driftor’s recent experiences w/ supernatural demons who haunt his dreams 02:05:07
PKA 661 PKA’s worst nightmare stories and lucid dreaming experiences 02:10:34
PKA 661 Ad reads: Pharoah Distro, Better Help & Lock and Load 02:17:06
PKA 661 Kyle’s dodgy dealer whose life became a Shakespearean tragedy 02:25:33
PKA 661 Drift0r’s days as a door-to-door salesman for the Church of Satan 02:35:08
PKA 661 Peruvian aliens, Woody’s secret jetpack lifestyle & why golf carts SUCK 02:38:18
PKA 661 PKA paintball, bow-hunting deer & FPSRussia returns. with muskets?! 02:46:11
PKA 661 If GIANT insects existed in our world.. They would be TERRIFYING 02:52:37
PKA 661 Horror movie talk: Vampir, Lake Mungo, Skinamarink & Barbarian 03:00:50
PKA 661 Why modern movie trailers SUCK and why Terminator 2 is AWESOME 03:07:03
PKA 661 The Notebook, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas & Schindler’s List 03:13:43
PKA 661 The “dark forest” hypothesi & if humans/aliens… pro-created 03:18:18
PKA 661 Movie talk: Alien Nation, Big Trouble in Little China & Escape From LA 03:23:45
PKA 661 The Spanish inquisition & the Pope who sold his throne for $20m 03:33:42
PKA 661 Harley’s trip to Vatican City and his dedication to Jewish religious culture 03:36:36
PKA 661 PKA goes DEEP on religion: Deities, the afterlife & having “the gift of faith” 03:40:27
PKA 661 Adam & Eve, God vs Satan & why Kyle is TERRIFIED of demonic spirits 03:48:28
PKA 661 Gaming talk; Baldur’s Gate, Dante’s Inferno, Alien: Dark Descent & more 03:53:31
PKA 661 Kyle and Drift0r nerd out over Red Letter Media & niche movie talk 04:00:11
PKA 661 Harley/Drift0r shout out their socials, the guys call it a show 04:05:08