PKA 666

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 666 Wendigoon’s wonderful beard and & Woody’s questionable gong skills 00:00:35
PKA 666 Glass harmonicas, Lazy Susans & the world’s DUMBEST instrument 00:04:14
PKA 666 Beardless Taylor & Woody’s intimate session with an Italian barber 00:08:16
PKA 666 Mormon jiu jitsu couples & the h0mo-er0tic dynamics of MMA training 00:13:14
PKA 666 Speedrunning talk: SummoningSalt, DOOM and Mario 64 exploits 00:17:20
PKA 666 Wendigoon talks Satan, demons & The Lesser key of Solomon 00:25:16
PKA 666 Why basic economic principles can ruin YOUR deal with the devil 00:32:48
PKA 666 Is MrBeast satan in disguise? Probably not, but we can’t be sure.. 00:34:57
PKA 666 Rogue demons, the maniac of Gadara & The Exorcist trilogy 00:37:59
PKA 666 The dark story of Ervil Lebaron and his murderous mormon desert cult 00:41:20
PKA 666 Why Kyle would sell his soul for a House of Cards Season 6 do-over 00:46:28
PKA 666 The grisly medical practices of early 20th Century field hospitals 00:48:53
PKA 666 PKA talks creepy TRUE horror stories (Fire in the sky & missing persons 411) 00:54:05
PKA 666 Biden or Trump 2024: Who will win the NEXT PKA Presidential wager? 01:02:45
PKA 666 Just how good at golf is Trump? Could Taylor or his dad beat him? 01:08:35
PKA 666 PKA reacts to this middle-aged man’s golf cart FREAKOUT 01:18:35
PKA 666 Did this NHL coach’s controversial custom warrant his dismissal? 01:20:59
PKA 666 Mexican Carnies, suspicious fair rides & african safari rodeo rides 01:39:17
PKA 666 Metric vs imperial time, Jesuit leap years & A Brief History of Keeping Time 01:43:14
PKA 666 Book talk: Flowers for Algernon & Chris McCandless’ Into the Wild 01:48:07
PKA 666 Moose, bison and camels: The easiest and hardest big game to hunt 01:53:20
PKA 666 Would the guys eat horse meat and/or raw snails? 01:59:32
PKA 666 Ad reads: Pharoah Distro (they REALLY work, consume with caution) 02:05:13
PKA 666 More ads: Lock and Load & Blue 02:13:09
PKA 666 PKA reacts to Tito Ortiz’s hilariously terrible onion dicing tutorial 02:18:26
PKA 666 Why this upcoming match has Kyle excited for UFC again 02:22:31
PKA 666 Could Donald Trump actually go to jail or is it all a kangaroo court trial? 02:26:26
PKA 666 Lauren Boebert’s theater shenanigans - Was she in the wrong? 02:30:41
PKA 666 PKA reacts to Russell Brand’s current #MeToo controversy 02:40:50
PKA 666 Wendigoon gives his take on the hilariously fake Mexican alien “proof” 02:45:50
PKA 666 Woody and Wendigoon’s closest calls with starting forest fires 02:52:00
PKA 666 Would Kyle and Woody do a third PKA Survival Trip with Wings?! 02:56:24
PKA 666 PKA’s mixed experiences with escape room challenges 03:04:15
PKA 666 Gaming talk: Why puzzle mini-games SUCK & the DOOM movie 03:12:04
PKA 666 More gaming talk: Tarkov cheaters & Kyle’s Codenames RAGE 03:16:29
PKA 666 PKA reacts to Britain banning the American Bully XLs dog breed 03:41:58
PKA 666 Wendigoon and Kyle talk Texas hog hunting trips & weapons 03:44:26
PKA 666 The man who somehow lost his entire bloodline to a wild hog 03:57:34
PKA 666 Wendigoon shouts out his socials, the guys call it a show 04:02:50