PKA 418

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 418 Fitness talk: Weight gains, salt and cigarettes 00:00:08
PKA 418 More cigarette talk: Coolness, poor people, dip spitting and more 00:07:19
PKA 418 Tucker’s poop story & Have the guys ever cleaned up someone else’s vomit? 00:16:35
PKA 418 Why are smokers & dip spitters so inconsiderate of littering? 00:18:29
PKA 418 Kyle teaches us how to pee in a bottle while stuck in traffic 00:22:11
PKA 418 Have the guys ever received head while driving? 00:28:31
PKA 418 Which US cities have the worst traffic? And Elon Musk’s underground tunnels 00:30:17
PKA 418 St Louis’s crime-ridden areas & homeless people Battle Royales 00:40:28
PKA 418 Politics talk: Is Trump pulling out of Syria a good thing? 00:46:11
PKA 418 Savage American smallpox blankets & Woody’s English heritage 00:49:55
PKA 418 Return to Politics talk: The US’ involvement in the Middle East 00:55:56
PKA 418 Alfonso Rivera sues Fortnite for using the Carlton Dance 01:00:10
PKA 418 PKA’s most heated debate ever: Is cookie butter just cookie dough? 01:05:10
PKA 418 Kyle & Woody bet on if Trump will be GOP Frontrunner in 2020 01:10:52
PKA 418 Woody’s “How to be a millionaire” video 01:14:15
PKA 418 What’s not as bad as everyone says it is? (Dentists, eating alone & more) 01:15:21
PKA 418 PKA’s public pooping rituals and experiences of REALLY bad poops 01:26:08
PKA 418 Video: Woman has seriously bad diarrhea (POOP WARNING) 01:38:36
PKA 418 The guys watch another horrible pooping video (but don’t show it) 01:40:26
PKA 418 Artie Lange has done so much coke that his nose is destroyed 01:43:38
PKA 418 How would the guys handle winning the lottery? And Kyle’s douchebag cousin 01:47:01
PKA 418 TV show talk: It’s Always Sunny, Black Mirror & the new Hellboy movie 01:53:31
PKA 418 Superhero movie talk: Venom & the Spider Man crane scene (hilarious) 02:04:03
PKA 418 The BJ paper - A scientific study into the various types of head 02:15:44
PKA 418 Subtitles in movies/TV shows; yes or no? (Bonus Hell’s Kitchen talk) 02:19:04
PKA 418 Cooking/food talk: Kyle’s fries, sous-vide steak, crab/lobster & more 02:21:30
PKA 418 Gaming talk: Kyle & Tucker enjoying Blackout, PC gaming & 4k vs 1080p 02:42:07
PKA 418 What’s the most intimate moment the guys have had with other guys? 03:02:19
PKA 418 Woody’s chat with a guy cheated on & how the guys would deal with a cheater 03:10:21
PKA 418 Superhero talk: What happens to The Avengers as the current cast ages? 03:22:46
PKA 418 A lot of people STILL don’t know that Kyle is FPSRussia 03:30:44
PKA 418 Is Karl Pilkington (An Idiot Abroad) funny or just stupid? 03:37:18
PKA 418 Wings talk: The troll channels are taking a toll on his personal life 03:43:18
PKA 418 Taylor’s awkward disabled toilet encounter & expectant mother parking 03:52:39
PKA 418 Kyle shares a mean-spirited photoshop of Gangsta Granny 03:59:47
PKA 418 Tucker pimps his social medias, Woody calls it a show 04:02:21