PKA 468

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 468 Where is the best place to be in a medieval combat zone? 00:00:48
PKA 468 What would it take for the guys to enlist in the military now? 00:02:45
PKA 468 Steve’s recent European tour: Visiting Poland & meeting PKA fans 00:06:08
PKA 468 Sylvester Stallone’s statue in Philly 00:10:23
PKA 468 George Zimmerman is suing the family of Trayvon Martin for $100m 00:15:23
PKA 468 The Build-The-Wall GoFundMe & PKA’s very own crowdfunding campaign 00:19:55
PKA 468 Politics talk: Steve’s Democratic candidate, Warren’s heritage & more 00:25:33
PKA 468 Jewish people who don’t like Christmas & North Carolina's Christmas protests 00:31:07
PKA 468 The time Woody left Colin in his truck & Taylor the leash kid 00:37:49
PKA 468 The time Woody and Steve “ran away” from home as children 00:42:24
PKA 468 Politics talk: Hillary Clinton on Howard Stern, old politicians & Joe Biden 2020 00:48:05
PKA 468 Joe Biden vs Donald Trump in a brawl, Hillary Clinton & more politics 00:52:20
PKA 468 Candy talk: The guys’ favourite types of candy when they were growing up 01:00:18
PKA 468 When to call it quits as an old person & just how good is Donald Trump at golf? 01:04:12
PKA 468 Donald Trump’s big booty and Cris Christie’s obesity 01:10:30
PKA 468 ONLYUSEmeBLADE talk: Updates to his awful leg sores 01:13:17
PKA 468 YouTube talk: Steve’s attempts to collaborate & the oversaturation of content 01:17:39
PKA 468 How Steve’s got to go to the Seinfeld send-home party while still in school 01:28:15
PKA 468 More on adult Twitch streamers & the plague of Reacting YouTubers 01:31:15
PKA 468 When crazy fans take things too far: Leaking addresses & calling SWAT teams 01:38:06
PKA 468 How to make an effective anti-smoking campaign: You won’t get laid! 01:41:02
PKA 468 Redditor finds an NBA player’s wallet and gets way too excited about returning it 01:44:08
PKA 468 Kyle finally found the chilli he ate in prison & Jackie’s terrible chilli recipe 01:46:03
PKA 468 Ad reads: SmartMouth & Netgear routers 01:52:15
PKA 468 The recent PKA Patreon hangout and the interesting characters within it 01:55:27
PKA 468 SNL’s “Brutus the talking ape” sketch 01:58:35
PKA 468 Jeffrey Epstein and the Prince Andrew interview scandal 02:04:26
PKA 468 John Schattner, the Papa John’s founder worth millions and his racial scandal 02:08:08
PKA 468 The intricate world of franchise pizza research & development 02:15:02
PKA 468 Is beer an acquired taste or just a subpar drink that does the job? 02:24:11
PKA 468 Steve’s visit to the Miller factory and the world of Coca Cola in Atlanta 02:27:02
PKA 468 Taylor witnessed the most hilarious road trip duo ever this week 02:31:16
PKA 468 Is this Tinder girl a bad person for saying she only dates white people? 02:32:58
PKA 468 Jewish people and their inclination to only date within their race/religion 02:35:18
PKA 468 PKA’s review and discussion of The Irishman (Heavy spoilers, duh) 02:40:53
PKA 468 Movie talk: Netflix’s evolution as a company, Joker & Steve’s upcoming movie 03:01:08
PKA 468 More on Steve’s movie & the time he went with a 1930s German Dictator ‘stache 03:10:33
PKA 468 What stolen/lost items would the guys most like to see under the Christmas tree? 03:13:05
PKA 468 Is Jason Derulo somewhat aroused in this banned Instagram pic? 03:16:33
PKA 468 Falsified candid photos and the /r/OopsDidntMeanTo reddit 03:20:09
PKA 468 Video: Joe Biden has heated back and forth with town hall voter 03:24:16
PKA 468 Politics talk: Which of the Democratic candidates have the best shot of winning? 03:34:07
PKA 468 Tulsi Gabbard. the Military-Industrial Complex & the US’ role as the World Police 03:41:02
PKA 468 The best conflicts in US history & Woody’s fascination with Mormon polygamy 03:50:31
PKA 468 Amish rumspringa and the beauty of living simplistic, non-technological lifestyles 03:56:45
PKA 468 Twitch’s policies of lighting up on stream & the easy job of being an ancient doctor 04:02:16
PKA 468 Steve pimps his Social Medias and upcoming shows 04:05:20
PKA 468 Woody calls it a show 04:07:03