PKA 474

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 474 Taylor is absent from the show on a “work” cruise so Tucker is here in his stead 00:00:18
PKA 474 Tucker’s new YouTuber-friendly EDM music label “Night Mode” 00:02:17
PKA 474 The struggle for old media to realise the potential of new media 00:10:31
PKA 474 Tucker’s serial car vandalism woes - Stolen parts & sharpie scribblings 00:13:08
PKA 474 PKA fan asks Woody for relationship advice; should his 6 year relationship end? 00:29:20
PKA 474 Nikki Glaser, Whitney Cummings & the importance of a hot term spouse 00:35:28
PKA 474 Male and female mating archetypes & child development talk 00:48:29
PKA 474 Woman jailed for posing as a teenage boy to lure unsuspecting girls 00:56:10
PKA 474 Brooke Shields and the exploitation of young girls in Hollywood 01:03:32
PKA 474 Tucker went to Miley Cyrus’ sister’s 20th birthday party recently 01:07:22
PKA 474 Lil Xan, Lil Wayne & PKA’s celebrity mortality pool 01:09:33
PKA 474 Politics talk: CNN’s mistreatment of Bernie Sanders & media’s influence on voters 01:12:16
PKA 474 Why the 2020 election is going to be better than 2016 (Trump vs Sanders talk) 01:25:55
PKA 474 More politics talk: The Trump impeachment scandal & Biden’s candidacy 01:29:13
PKA 474 Delta plane discharges fuel over 4 LA elementary schools and children 01:36:49
PKA 474 Kyle’s plans to move to Colorado once his probation is over 01:41:23
PKA 474 The Tesla truck vs other trucks & Elon Musk’s ambitious tunnel highway system 01:43:30
PKA 474 Toyota’s plans for a “smart” city at the base of Mount Fuji & why Japan is awesome 01:50:21
PKA 474 China’s internal development compared to the US’ lethargic advancement 01:56:06
PKA 474 More politics talk: Elizabeth Warren vs Bernie Sanders 01:58:25
PKA 474 More relationship advice: Boyfriend refuses to wash his genitals, what gives? 02:01:02
PKA 474 Video: Man purchases EXTREMELY long trouser pants 02:11:42
PKA 474 More relationship advice: Did this guy justly break up with his “open” girlfriend? 02:13:38
PKA 474 Internet etiquette that boggles Kyle; poor English, fake eyes & faux female flattery 02:18:46
PKA 474 Would the guys date a girl with a tiny hand? And Tucker’s fingerless ex 02:31:13
PKA 474 What physical deformities would be a big plus/minus to the guys? 02:35:14
PKA 474 Kyle is down to get $7000 full-beard implants for a joke & hair implant/genetics talk 02:39:03
PKA 474 Gaming talk: PUBG’s decline, DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstein & The Forest 02:43:55
PKA 474 VR talk: Horror games, accidental injuries & Tucker’s VR room for streaming 02:54:36
PKA 474 Would the guys fully immerse themselves into virtual/advanced technology? 03:08:27
PKA 474 How Woody’s honeymoon turned out to be more of a work vacation with his wife 03:14:23
PKA 474 Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator has Woody & Tucker very excited 03:19:25
PKA 474 Tucker’s recent encounter with xJawx & the time Sam stayed at Kyle’s house 03:22:38
PKA 474 The guys share stories of the oldschool CoD days and vomiting in fancy hotels 03:28:40
PKA 474 The failed projects of Game of Thrones writers D&D 03:32:22
PKA 474 Amazon Prime’s original series: The Boys, Tin Star, The Grand Tour & more 03:36:11
PKA 474 A series of hitman outsourcing leads to multiple arrests in China 03:42:07
PKA 474 Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are leaving the British Royal family, do the guys care? 03:45:15
PKA 474 Buzzfeed highlights the media bias to Harry & Meghan compared to other Royals 03:53:01
PKA 474 Would the guys trade their privacy to be as wealthy and famous as the Royals? 04:00:00
PKA 474 Are the British Royal Family the least interesting celebrities in modern history? 04:05:36
PKA 474 Why the passing of Dale Earnhart upset Kyle more than Princess Diana’s passing 04:09:46
PKA 474 Tucker pimps his social medias 04:12:10