PKA 492

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 492 Shaun explains how he ended up in the worst US prison as an Englishman 00:00:10
PKA 492 Why are some prison guards just complete douchebags? 00:03:15
PKA 492 Shaun talks life in Max Security prison: Relentless roaches & joining a gang 00:04:35
PKA 492 How the US prison system only creates a vicious cycle of criminals 00:14:49
PKA 492 How to fit into a Max Security prison gang & why the Mafia is the best gang to rule 00:16:30
PKA 492 Shaun’s criminally insane cellmate who boxed the head of the prison Mafia gang 00:22:31
PKA 492 The venomous prison spiders that caused men to lose thumbs 00:26:05
PKA 492 Xena the 6’6 trans prisoner who cut off her own junk & took out a man’s eye 00:30:45
PKA 492 What do you do in prison if you’re not a tough guy and have zero connections? 00:40:49
PKA 492 Shaun explains how he befriended the head of the Mafia & wrote his biography 00:45:18
PKA 492 Is it okay to lose a prison brawl? And how do you handle a “heart check”? 00:49:25
PKA 492 Shaun’s criminally insane inmate & the varying Convict Codes from prison to prison 00:54:40
PKA 492 What being a prison “shot caller” is like & Shaun’s friend Wildman’s time in prison 00:57:41
PKA 492 Club Fed vs State Prisons & the TV shows/movies that portray prison life accurately 01:00:01
PKA 492 Shaun tells the story of how he went to prison: Stock trading, raves & selling ecstasy 01:04:10
PKA 492 Shaun’s days as a party kingpin & getting with 2 women on his wedding day in Vegas 01:16:01
PKA 492 Shaun gets deep on the dark side of his lifestyle & why stock trading wasn’t enough 01:24:01
PKA 492 What events led Shaun to give up his exuberant lifestyle? 01:28:23
PKA 492 Shaun’s explains the experience of ecstasy & his dealings of smuggling it into prison 01:31:15
PKA 492 The race conflict that ensued in Shaun’s prison (ft. chemical spray & broken noses) 01:33:23
PKA 492 More on the Convict Code: Inter-race beef, bad hygiene, snitching & more 01:41:56
PKA 492 Brutal Brotherhood brawls & the complex dynamic between prison guards and gangs 01:49:18
PKA 492 Woody and Shaun talk stocks and how to read the market 01:55:53
PKA 492 Shaun plugs his Social Medias, thanks the guys and leaves the show 02:00:32
PKA 492 Ad read: Postmates 02:02:36
PKA 492 Joe Rogan has signed podcast exclusivity rights for $100m to Spotify, PKA reacts 02:03:37
PKA 492 Why Joe Biden would be a good guest on the JRE & more on the Spotify deal 02:14:01
PKA 492 Vitor Belfort’s juiced return to the Octagon & MorePlatesMoreDate’s TRT concerns 02:26:15
PKA 492 Vigilante Florida man stops a creepy child-touching priest from giving communion 02:30:19
PKA 492 James Randi: The man who offered $1m if someone could prove paranormal activity 02:36:18
PKA 492 Taylor talks Twitch streaming, completing GTA V & what game he’s going to play next 02:42:01
PKA 492 Kyle recounts his recent eye surgery to painfully remove an unflattering eyelid mole 02:44:24
PKA 492 Jackie’s unsightly chest mole and more on Kyle’s eye surgery 02:51:05
PKA 492 Ad read: University of Colorado, Boulder 02:54:30
PKA 492 Kyle and Taylor intensely debate skiing & other forms of winter sports 02:55:56
PKA 492 Taylor’s recent encounter with lazy, large landscapers that left him lamenting 03:00:31
PKA 492 Woody shares life lessons he learned from dealing with sneaky subcontractors 03:06:34
PKA 492 Operation Varsity Blues: Rich celebs plead guilty to College admissions bribing 03:09:20
PKA 492 Taylor permanently damages his keyboard after accidentally spilling water on it! 03:13:32
PKA 492 Headphone talk: Taylor’s peculiar fashion choice & the guys’ personal preferences 03:16:29
PKA 492 The best lewd scene from The Wire & the Game of Thrones’ CGI cleavage 03:21:39
PKA 492 PKA reacts to the Keemstar vs H3H3 drama and why it won’t hurt Daniel Keem 03:23:45
PKA 492 The Sopranos talk: Discussing the ending, fan theories & the best scenes 03:30:51
PKA 492 Is The Wire better than The Sopranos? The guys discuss its’ memorable scenes 03:37:09
PKA 492 The political divide in response to the pandemic lockdown; is it safe to go out yet? 03:41:01
PKA 492 Reflecting on Shaun Attwood as a guest & PKAs interest in booking other ex-cons 03:44:06
PKA 492 How Woody would fare in prison & is Solitary Confinement really as bad as they say? 03:46:59
PKA 492 Taylor’s keyboard is on its final legs to finish the podcast 03:49:00
PKA 492 Woody decides to call it a show and let Taylor deal with his collapsed keyboard 03:51:51