PKA 531

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 531 Taylor’s ex-girlfriend and why Masterson disapproves of Taylor’s marriage 00:00:45
PKA 531 Bitcoin’s incredible success and Nigeria’s embarrassing anti-crypto policy 00:03:07
PKA 531 The guys talk cool/awful tattoo designs (Norse symbols, LoTR, paramotors & more) 00:07:21
PKA 531 Why BMI is a pointless measure of fitness & Woody’s newfound 6-pack abs 00:26:38
PKA 531 Taylor is stressed because his basement flooded and the damage being EXPENSIVE 00:32:23
PKA 531 What unusual sounds do the guys find strangely relaxing? 00:43:06
PKA 531 Woody and Masterson discuss how to protect your ears while playing music 00:47:21
PKA 531 The pros/cons of liposuction surgery & Woody’s friend with crippling cystic fibrosis 00:49:50
PKA 531 Brief return to tattoo talk & Taylor’s resemblance to an owl 00:58:12
PKA 531 The guys discuss plans to go on a Colorado vacation with a few of their $50 Patrons 01:00:11
PKA 531 Woody’s rivalry with $50 Patron, Dirty, and their potential MMA brawl 01:06:30
PKA 531 More on the PKA Colorado trip: High movie marathons, cookouts & going out 01:12:39
PKA 531 PKA reacts to the Texas’ snowstorm, its politicisation & fossil fuels vs green energy 01:20:50
PKA 531 The Texas Mayor with the most Texas mentality ever & why Kyle loves Texan culture 01:29:14
PKA 531 Masterson goes on a HUGE rant about Texas, California and the Federal Government 01:37:19
PKA 531 Ted Cruz’s ill-timed family trip to Cancun while his constituents freeze in Texas 01:39:45
PKA 531 Illegal immigration’s rise under Biden’s watch & putting kids in cages at the border 01:41:53
PKA 531 How to successfully live in a country illegally by overstaying your Visa 01:50:50
PKA 531 Kyle’s indentured labourer policy, forced immigrant conscription & the Vietnam conflict 01:54:00
PKA 531 Ad read: Postmates & GOAT 01:58:38
PKA 531 If the guys woke up as women but can reverse it whenever, how long until they revert? 02:02:00
PKA 531 It’s Woody’s birthday tomorrow! What does he want as a gift? 02:11:45
PKA 531 What do the guys think will be the next big leap in technological advancement? 02:13:29
PKA 531 Woody explains why he’s now obsessed with washing and drying clothes in his house 02:26:50
PKA 531 The end of humanity, stopping the ageing process & reverse-ageing humans 02:34:04
PKA 531 Video: Plus-size woman wants the right tools for the job, in steps John Deere 02:37:50
PKA 531 How did the guys’ high school crushes turn out later in life? 02:42:27
PKA 531 Fitness talk: Woody’s immaculate calves, achilles injuries & marvellous surgeries 02:48:02
PKA 531 The time Masterson broke his collarbone & busted his front teeth playing baseball 02:51:25
PKA 531 More fitness talk: Reflex training bags, cardio workouts & competitive exercising 02:56:43
PKA 531 How Masterson got humiliated playing Smash Bros with his 5 year old nephew 03:06:01
PKA 531 The 3 year old Russian chess prodigy who got whooped by a World Chess Champion 03:10:23
PKA 531 Is there any sport in which a woman could legitimately beat a man in? 03:13:18
PKA 531 Kyle the part-time book worm & why he’s retracting his positive review of The Stand 03:17:26
PKA 531 Stephen King’s mixed bag of stories: The good, the bad and the ugly 03:24:45
PKA 531 PKA discusses King’s 11/22/63 and the implications of time travel & altering history 03:27:19
PKA 531 Why Kyle loved Stephen King’s The Outsiders & the embarrassment of adult diapers 03:36:33
PKA 531 More on 11/22/63 and the implications of altering history via time travel 03:42:31
PKA 531 If the guys could time travel, where would they go back to and what would they do? 03:47:04
PKA 531 The arrogance of Texans and which US State is the best? Which is the worst? 03:57:32
PKA 531 More on Taylor’s flooding fiasco and how he plans to fix up his basement 04:01:17
PKA 531 Masterson shouts out his new coffee business, New Project Brew 04:05:45