PKA 533

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 533 PKA reacts to an (off-screen) video: Multiple Bolivian students plunge to their demise 00:00:11
PKA 533 What’s the best way for someone on parole to serve justice to a Chomo? 00:05:31
PKA 533 How to solve prison gang culture by introducing Jeffrey Epstein’s associates 00:11:27
PKA 533 The guys reminisce on high school: best/worst lunch food, theft and sandwich sellers 00:13:47
PKA 533 Should children really be entitled to free school meals? PKA thinks perhaps not! 00:20:22
PKA 533 More high school talk: Kyle’s fraudulent diploma, skipping classes, detentions & more 00:23:34
PKA 533 Kyle’s experience of welding classes and his teacher’s child-labor side hustle 00:28:07
PKA 533 The guys talk high school teachers who didn’t give a damn, gym & elective classes 00:32:06
PKA 533 Study hall, pointless life preparation classes & submitting nonsense assignments 00:44:11
PKA 533 Texas lifting its mask mandate, Biden’s neanderthal comment & Taylor’s ancestry 00:51:12
PKA 533 UFC 259’s (lack of) hype, Kyle’s dream match-ups & the best/worst divisions 00:54:14
PKA 533 Could UFC champion Amanda Nunes take down all 3 hosts in a gauntlet match? 00:59:59
PKA 533 PKA reacts to MMA fighter Gabi Garcia and her outrageous PED physique 01:06:45
PKA 533 The evolution of MMA and how top-tier athletes can turn a sport on its head 01:09:59
PKA 533 How the NBA vs MLB vs NHL handle resting players & making silly substitutes 01:12:30
PKA 533 Kyle’s uber-profitable $50 Patreon poker-playing & getting poker stars as PKA guests 01:19:21
PKA 533 Ad reads: GOAT & ExpressVPN 01:29:55
PKA 533 The $50 Patron with an abundance of private planes & a hot trophy wife of a mom 01:32:47
PKA 533 Kyle’s experience co-piloting a plane & why Kobe Bryant’s passing didn’t bother him 01:41:12
PKA 533 Lola Bunny from Space Jam or Jessica Rabbit - Who is hotter? 01:47:11
PKA 533 Woody’s despisal of Manhattan cocktails & the guys’ favourite alcoholic drinks 01:48:20
PKA 533 Ex-guest OnlyUseMeBlade posted a life update, is he doing as good as he could be? 01:57:06
PKA 533 The time Kyle received so much free vodka as FPSRussia he gave it all away! 02:01:31
PKA 533 Kyle’s exclusive Red Bull mini-fridge and Woody’s prolific ping pong abilities 02:04:06
PKA 533 PKA’s $50 Patron Colorado trip: AirBnB mansions, getting high & doing nothing! 02:09:22
PKA 533 Kyle’s dad got the vaccine! Will the guys or their families be getting theirs soon? 02:16:56
PKA 533 The time Kyle went into an anaphylactic shock & how he overcame his banana allergy 02:21:48
PKA 533 Taylors recent indulgence in a rack of ribs & buying candy by the case load 02:25:31
PKA 533 What would the guys’ ultimate cheat meal be? (Texas toast, IBC Cherry & drinks talk) 02:29:56
PKA 533 Kyle and Taylor’s copious collection of sodas and epsom salts & Taylor’s soda stream 02:38:32
PKA 533 Getting a massage chair vs hiring a masseuse: Which is the better value for money? 02:42:20
PKA 533 Charlatan chiropractors and how Woody injured himself trying to self-chiropractor 02:45:34
PKA 533 Freakishly strong female masseurs & Taylor’s peanuckle prowess 02:56:52
PKA 533 Kyle explains why he’s going to punch a PKA Patron in the stomach in-person 02:58:33
PKA 533 Fish-slaying girlfriends & why the Moorish Idol fish doesn’t make for a good pet 03:00:18
PKA 533 Food talk: Kitchen mixers, low-calorie ice cream, good-tasting protein bars & more 03:07:01
PKA 533 If the guys had to be gay for one previous PKA guest, who are they picking? 03:18:44
PKA 533 Kyle’s AC headache and his repetitive night terrors that leave him drenched in sweat 03:23:45
PKA 533 Superhero talk: WandaVision, the MCU, SpiderMan & the most emotional scenes 03:34:40
PKA 533 Kyle goes super nerd mode on Star Trek lore and buying $200 Klingon collectibles 03:56:24