PKA 573

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 573 Josh Pillaut explains how playing Runescape drunk earned him 6 years in prison 00:00:25
PKA 573 The difference in prison versus jail & Kyle and Josh shared prison experiences 00:06:05
PKA 573 How Josh and Kyle were screwed by the US Federal “Justice” system 00:09:16
PKA 573 Dropping the soap, prison culture & how Josh reacted to his sentencing 00:18:59
PKA 573 Josh’s hilariously offensive rap lyrics which were used against him in court 00:20:52
PKA 573 More on Josh’s unjust trial & how Kyle was nearly sentenced to 5 years in prison 00:29:25
PKA 573 Josh’s experience of spending 4 months in Solitary Confinement (SHU) 00:36:11
PKA 573 Gangs, guitars and starting a band - Josh shares his experience of prison life 00:41:58
PKA 573 Josh demonstrates his incredible guitar riffing talents live on PKA 00:46:30
PKA 573 How Josh learned to file legal motions & speak Spanish while incarcerated 00:49:47
PKA 573 Integrated silencers, .22s and 45s - Kyle goes FPSRussia mode to talk pistols 00:53:53
PKA 573 Josh’s most brutal prison brawl and why he befriended the assailant afterwards 00:59:08
PKA 573 Josh explains the various attitudes towards gay people in prison 01:04:35
PKA 573 More on prison brawls & the difference between low vs medium security prisons 01:09:35
PKA 573 The hilarious skirmish between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in Josh’s prison 01:20:19
PKA 573 More prison talk: Illicit substances, deep cleaning & highly strung cellmates 01:27:12
PKA 573 Luxurious Swedish cells, lock-up laxatives & how to make prison wine (pruno) 01:39:21
PKA 573 How Josh’s fellow inmates reacted to his sentencing & the bunk bed dilemma 01:46:43
PKA 573 High-stakes prison Monopoly, local news stations & passing the time in prison 01:53:29
PKA 573 Ad reads: Smartmouth & Blue 01:57:37
PKA 573 Get your PKA Lock and Load & Christmas merch now! 02:00:52
PKA 573 PKA reacts to Jussie Smollet being convicted of faking his 2020 attack 02:04:38
PKA 573 Movie talk: The Power of the Dog, The Lighthouse & American Psycho 02:11:27
PKA 573 The time Taylor witnessed an XL woman get SMACKED UP in St Louis 02:19:10
PKA 573 Conor McGregor’s crazy bulk, Nate Diaz & McGregor’s next opponent 02:21:50
PKA 573 Prison life hacks, commissary food trading & the time Josh met Bernie Madoff 02:32:27
PKA 573 Getting ripped in prison, the consequences of missing count & more 02:45:24
PKA 573 Josh explains the major life lesson he learned from his 6 years in prison 02:51:51
PKA 573 How Josh met his wife as a result of doing prison work at a mall 02:58:00
PKA 573 Woody makes a plea to the PKA Patreons for more raunchy AMA questions 03:02:59
PKA 573 Did Kyle ever get recognised as FPSRussia in prison? 03:06:00
PKA 573 Taylor’s 200 IQ vocabulary & how a Mike Posner song changed Josh’s life 03:08:20
PKA 573 Taylor’s hilarious Dance Dance Revolution Uber ride story 03:14:27
PKA 573 Why Josh learnt to drive at 25 & Woody/Kyle’s experiences with motorbike tests 03:19:51
PKA 573 Could the PKA guys pass a “big rig” driving test with little-to-no training? 03:28:01
PKA 573 PKA Patreon hangout: 300lbs DMT Soup Crushers & Josh’s phallic “pearl” 03:30:22
PKA 573 Kyle’s 2 month prison celibacy & elephants with crazy constipation crisis’ 03:42:01
PKA 573 Josh explains more about his custom phallic pearl & shows off his prison tattoos 03:44:48
PKA 573 Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child & more (book talk) 03:49:46
PKA 573 Fat actors, Taylor’s meat & cheese gorging & Woody’s weight loss progress 03:53:26
PKA 573 PKA’s MorePlatesMoreDates’ (Derek) recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast 03:59:48
PKA 573 Josh shouts out his Social Medias, the guys thank him for coming on 04:02:58