PKA 586

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 586 Woody is absent this week due to a recent motorbike accident! 00:00:14
PKA 586 Matt Farah explains why he swapped weed for whiskey because of panic attacks 00:01:30
PKA 586 Matt’s experience with illicit substances, speeding & the California desert 00:06:32
PKA 586 How to deal with corrupt Police & the secret California’s Cop cult (the 11-99) 00:10:31
PKA 586 Speedrunning across Ukraine & the US cross-country cannonball record was beat 00:16:44
PKA 586 Motorsports talk: F1, NASCAR, vintage car racing & more 00:25:55
PKA 586 Custom tank-cars, Operation Odessa & if FPSRussia gets a Ukrainian tank 00:34:18
PKA 586 Matt explains why his $120,000 Porsche is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean 00:42:53
PKA 586 Is it too late to stop climate change? And why paper straws SUCK 00:46:50
PKA 586 The risks of using lithium batteries & why electric cars need to evolve 00:53:54
PKA 586 Why Australia is basically America’s cousin and should be part of the South 01:02:23
PKA 586 Judaism, Biden’s ashes, coming-of-age ceremonies & My Sweet 16 01:05:36
PKA 586 Cheaters (TV show), To Catch a Predator & Chris Hansen’s time on PKA 01:13:10
PKA 586 Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears & celebrities who are too famous for normal life 01:28:39
PKA 586 Matt’s interactions with Joe Rogan & how Rogan handles his controversies 01:36:55
PKA 586 The rapid decline of mainstream news media & the hilarious saga of Bernie Gores 01:46:08
PKA 586 Why Matt no longer uses Reddit and how Twitter helped him learn history 01:58:31
PKA 586 Matt thanks the guys, shouts out his social media and leaves the show 02:02:27
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PKA 586 Get your Lock and Load and Gorilla Mind supplements NOW! 02:07:01
PKA 586 MMA punani punches & Taylor’s emergency hockey bathroom breaks 02:10:12
PKA 586 CCTV vigilante justice, China vs India’s border fisticuffs & Ukraine talk 02:19:34
PKA 586 PKA reacts to the sentencing of Jussie Smollet for falsifying a hate crime 02:31:01
PKA 586 Kyle’s experience of US MAGA Country & Woody vs Chicago waitstaff 02:33:58
PKA 586 Coca Cola Starlight, why PKA needs a black guest & white people hair products 02:38:03
PKA 586 More on Jussie Smollet’s sentencing & why prisons have banned vape pens 02:43:54
PKA 586 Fitness talk: The evolving food pyramid, Kyle’s vertical diet & why keto SUCKS 02:50:08
PKA 586 Greg Doucette vs MorePlatesMoreDates - Tall vs Tiny fitness influencers 02:54:31
PKA 586 TV show talk: Amazon’s The Boys, John Cena’s acting career & China 02:57:35
PKA 586 Has Colby Covington’s trash talking gone TOO far? PKA debates 03:01:51
PKA 586 More Ukraine talk: Children’s hospitals, attrition, worthless rubles & more 03:06:16
PKA 586 PKA reacts to the Florida man who met his fate via landfill porta potty disaster 03:24:35
PKA 586 Hollywoods’ darkest secrets & Ricky Gervais vs the Golden Globes 03:31:10
PKA 586 No knock warrants, Brionna Taylor & popcorn-throwing vigilantism 03:34:08
PKA 586 Movie talk: The Batman (2022) vs Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight 03:41:37
PKA 586 The end of mask mandates & when North Koreans get exposed to US culture 03:46:15
PKA 586 Ruthless Russian police, RSK vlogging in Ukraine & nuclear brinkmanship 03:53:14