PKA 627

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 627 Why pretending to be a girl is the best content creator play ever 00:00:11
PKA 627 Android vs iPhone, oldschool camcorders & 90s moon shoes 00:04:40
PKA 627 Taylor wants a hot tub - Should he get one? Should he stream from it? 00:13:01
PKA 627 Belle Delphine, F1nn’s feminine workouts & the feet pic phenomenon 00:18:29
PKA 627 Getting banned on Twitch & F1nn’s beef with feminist Twitter 00:23:20
PKA 627 The Liver King’s dethroning and why EVERYONE should have saw it coming 00:28:01
PKA 627 Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts and how the internet ruined attention spans 00:31:28
PKA 627 The weather outside is frightful and Taylor’s house is barely holding on! 00:33:38
PKA 627 Should tipping culture exist? PKA’s US vs UK culture debate 00:38:57
PKA 627 Outback steakhouse, Red Lobster & Kyle the Karen vs a rude waitress 00:44:36
PKA 627 The time Taylor hilariously manhandled a frat kid in a parking lot 00:51:31
PKA 627 Missouri, North vs South Carolina & why West Virginia is the worst US State 01:00:06
PKA 627 F1nn gives his take on Brighton, Birmingham & muggings in the UK 01:06:01
PKA 627 WingsOfRedemptions unrelenting trolls, Twitch clips & the ugly side of 4chan 01:09:53
PKA 627 TV show talk: 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation & Tina Fey’s terrifying scar 01:18:33
PKA 627 PKA reacts to Biden meeting Ukraine’s President (ft. AI-generated PKA lore) 01:21:58
PKA 627 UFC talk: Increase PPV prices, McGregor’s return & Robbie Lawlor 01:32:33
PKA 627 How F1nnster made $300,000+ in donations to speak like a girl! 01:41:10
PKA 627 Would F1nn ever move to America? (UK vs US housing differences) 01:49:33
PKA 627 Everyone on PKA got a gift from MorePlatesMoreDates.. Except Kyle! 01:53:14
PKA 627 Why everyone should have a notebook handy, physical or digital! 01:56:25
PKA 627 Is this TV show with a $500m budget any good?! (1923) 01:58:29
PKA 627 Highschool backpacks, napping in class & Taylor vs Hank Green 02:00:41
PKA 627 The Scottish land ownership scam & why it's OK to steal valor 02:07:49
PKA 627 Why Jackass Forever (2022) was never going to as good as the OGs 02:10:30
PKA 627 Ad reads: Lock and Load & Blue 02:15:17
PKA 627 Is this the best or worst instrument of all time? (American photo player) 02:20:58
PKA 627 Kyle and Taylor nerd out over “Krieg” & Warhammer 40k lore 02:26:23
PKA 627 F1nn and Woody talk knives and compare their knife collections 02:31:20
PKA 627 How to RIP via oxygen poisoning & Donald Cerrone’s BS diving story 02:34:35
PKA 627 Lemonade, apple juice and cider: US vs UK linguistic differences 02:38:44
PKA 627 Sneaking food into the movies & maintaining good hygiene in public 02:44:52
PKA 627 Besides F1nn, when was the last time PKA had a female guest?! 02:50:35
PKA 627 Trump’s top secret booty calls & the reality of the 2022 midterm elections 02:55:36
PKA 627 Alex Jones & a German dictator make cameo appearances on PKA 03:06:44
PKA 627 PKA reacts to HBO’s “Channel 5 News” mockumentary (This Place Rules) 03:10:56
PKA 627 Shane Dawson’s feline fantasies & Whitney Wisconsin’s wild antics 03:17:42
PKA 627 Pretzels, fiber brownies & deli meat: PKA gets snack-tastic over food talk 03:25:04
PKA 627 Kyle shows off his new toy: A flashlight so bright it could get him arrested 03:37:20
PKA 627 Why every guy should have relaxing scented candles in their home 03:42:26
PKA 627 Testosterone levels, UK stones & King Leopold’s brutal “handiwork” 03:47:30
PKA 627 PKA gets into a HILARIOUS backpack debate (“Pimp my Backpack”) 03:53:27
PKA 627 Woody and F1nn’s hilarious experiences of getting recognised in public 04:03:05
PKA 627 F1nn makes a shocking announcement, forcing the guys to call it a show 04:06:13