PKA 476

Episode Event Timestamp
PKA 476 Pestilly’s interactions with PKA on Twitch plus he & Kyle’s shared Tarkov love 00:00:07
PKA 476 Woody’s awkward conversation with his mother on the phone about PKA 00:02:42
PKA 476 Pestilly’s marathon Twitch stream that allowed him to pay for a house 00:03:58
PKA 476 Pestilly’s cross-European tour, Army experience & secluded Australian life 00:07:07
PKA 476 Does Pestilly ever regret not being deployed to the Middle East? (More Army talk) 00:15:37
PKA 476 How Pestilly is directing all his Twitch donations to a children’s charity 00:20:03
PKA 476 Shady people and Charities who pocket donations and keep quiet about it 00:25:45
PKA 476 John Oliver’s faux religion & PKA’s dubious charity 00:29:42
PKA 476 Tragic police injustices that go unrectified & poor standards for military enrolment 00:32:44
PKA 476 Kyle prison stories: Transfers, food/laundry and the joy of returning home 00:38:08
PKA 476 Middle Eastern adult movies & Lord of the Rings 18+ parodies 00:45:19
PKA 476 Pestilly explains the geography of Australia & his military time in Singapore 00:48:06
PKA 476 Pestilly’s near-fatal accident while serving overseas & getting cancer in the Army 00:51:34
PKA 476 The time Pestilly briefly worked as a fireman 01:07:04
PKA 476 Escape from Tarkov talk: Do Kyle & Pestilly still enjoy grinding the game? 01:08:10
PKA 476 Pestilly asks Kyle about his inspiration for FPSRussia videos & content originality 01:17:21
PKA 476 Kyle’s near-fatal FPSRussia incidents & was he imprisoned due to being so famous? 01:29:06
PKA 476 The folks who have to clean up unsightly crime scenes 01:38:49
PKA 476 The time Kyle’s cousin Scott almost fired a pistol at Kyle accidentally 01:41:47
PKA 476 Patreon AMA: When did the guys know they did or didn’t want to have kids? 01:44:56
PKA 476 Absurd service animals: (comfort pigs on planes) & crying babies on planes 01:53:46
PKA 476 Pestilly weighs in on the having kids question from above 01:56:10
PKA 476 Lonely men who buy Russian mail order brides (the 90 day Fiancé TV show) 01:59:40
PKA 476 Patreon AMA: Have the guys ever had a spiritual experience? 02:08:01
PKA 476 Shaquille O’Neal on Kobe Bryant’s passing & Kyle’s bromance for Taylor and Woody 02:13:24
PKA 476 Kyle’s DNA tests will be coming in soon! Is he gonna be somewhat black? 02:17:51
PKA 476 Woody & Pestilly weigh in on the spiritual experience question 02:21:01
PKA 476 More on Pestilly’s inter-European travels & the cultural differences between Australia 02:22:49
PKA 476 Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income plans & the new Twilight Zone TV show 02:26:17
PKA 476 Rebecca Black’s meteoric rise to fame & post-celebrity “normal” life 02:32:56
PKA 476 Patreon AMA: Are sports rivalries genuine or contrived for money? 02:34:13
PKA 476 Sports talk: Aussie rules football, McGregor’s next UFC bout & his Cerrone match 02:47:36
PKA 476 Video: PSA against smoking - It’s an LGBT activity 02:54:48
PKA 476 Why people preparing for the end of the world stock up on fish antibiotics 03:04:26
PKA 476 The goalkeeper from “The Mighty Ducks” and his tragic downfall 03:07:18
PKA 476 Video: Projectile vomiting clip so gross the guys can’t even show it on screen 03:09:15
PKA 476 Woody asks a relationship query: Should this guy loan his irresponsible GF money? 03:11:46
PKA 476 Video: Skinny guy tries to show up a bouncer and gets swiftly slapped down 03:21:42
PKA 476 UFC talk: Kyle and Woody predict the 247 results & talk Joanna Jedrzejczyk 03:26:05
PKA 476 PKA talks about the tragic passing of Kobe Byrant, his daughter & other passengers 03:29:06
PKA 476 Obnoxious advertisements: Kars 4 kids and the right to choose billboards 03:34:29
PKA 476 The decline of cigarettes in the Western world & pricey taxed alcohol 03:37:20
PKA 476 Kyle’s extremely harsh probation terms: Limited travel & no alcohol 03:39:04
PKA 476 Politics talk: Bernie Sanders vs Joe Biden, Trump & Andrew Yang 03:40:28
PKA 476 Escape from Tarkov talk: Patch updates. market manipulation & women in-game 03:48:42
PKA 476 Pestilly’s plans to diversify his online presence away from only streaming Tarkov 03:56:41
PKA 476 Twitch talk: Summit1G, DrDisrespect, TimTheTatMan & Tarkov’s lifespan 03:59:16
PKA 476 More Twitch/Tarkov talk: Veritas, ChickenPrism & Woody getting into Tarkov 04:07:00
PKA 476 Games that the guys are excited for in 2020: The Forest 2, DOOM & Flight Simulator 04:13:47
PKA 476 Tesla’s enormous growth in the US & the rise of the electric car 04:19:42
PKA 476 Kyle thanks Pestilly for coming on PKA & Woody calls it a show 04:21:08